Jardin de la Compagnie : A Time Travel Walk in the Heart of Port Louis!

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In the middle of Port Louis (the Port & Capital City of Mauritius), there’s a cool place called : Jardin de la Compagnie.

It is like a secret garden hidden between big buildings of busy Port Louis with big, tall trees and many pretty flowers everywhere…

But what's more cool is all the old stuff you find inside, like statues, memoires and small monuments!

Let me show you a bit around this garden, a place to sit, relax and maybe have a quick sandwich in the shade when you are in Port Louis! And Port Louis is known to be very hot all year round!

Each monument/statue/memoire tells a story…

It is like old rocks telling stories of the past! I spent some nice time walking around while reading the stories behind!

The statue below is that of a very famous local artist who sang so many memorable songs about the culture of the island!

Talking Statues

These statues are like superheroes frozen in time and are like the garden’s storytellers…telling tales without saying a word!

Cool & Quiet Place…

Walking around the garden with all these monuments/statues is a bit like a time machine : Where the past and present hang out together!!!

Benches all around the garden…

After walking around and enjoying the beauty, if your feet get tired, we have benches there for you to take a break!

The trees above give a little shade, and the air is so calm despite we are in full summer right now. It's a great spot to just sit and think.

Walking again in this garden  after more than 20 years later!

The last time I walked around Jardin de la Compagnie was maybe about 22yrs ago and today’s walk was really traveling back in time and  the whole vibe of Jardin de la Compagnie was an amazing experience.


The garden isn’t just pretty, it is like a special book full of stories waiting for you to turn the pages and discover!

My main interest for the day was to take maximum photos of the statues and monuments, I hope you enjoy them all!

Do visit Jardin de la Compagnie at least once if you are visiting the Island soon!

And there’s more to discover apart from what I shared here! 

Wish you well!

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