Embracing serenity at the Island.

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Hello, gentle readers. 🍃


It's been a while now. Since I last posted here at hive but here, I am now. Can't wait to tell you about my journey at Malapascua Island.

Just a brief information about Malapascua Island.

Malapascua Island was known for being a diving destination where you can swim together with the thresher sharks, making it one of the top Visayas tourist spots.

Malapascua Island was located in the northern part of Cebu, Philippines. The Island is a must to visit Island because it's the only place in the world where you can swim together with the thresher sharks.

Malapascua Island is less commercially developed Island. And also, it has a relaxing and friendly vibe that makes the island even more inviting.

You can explore the Island by just two hours because it has only a length of 2.5 kilometers and a width of 1 kilometer.

And now here's my journey to this beautiful island from the north.

The day before we travel to Malapascua Island.

Me and my friends dropped by first at our house before we go to our destination the next day. The Malapascua Island. Before that we clean first hour mode of transportation which is the motorcycle.
This is us now with Sir Eric bound to Malapascua Island and our first stop was the Isle of Medellin. It was a known place for riders wishes to end their life (because it was a really straight road and others wanted to do drag racing on the area which is not good). hahahhaha peace. not today thou.


And now its me @restlessadvntr with Zane (girlfriend of Sir Eric)


It was a nice day and made a stop at the Isle and voilà. Overflowing photos. 🤣😂

Bound to Malapascua Island. The Island was already seen from afar. Excited and amazed at the same time. Good to be back.
The weather was on our favor that day. It was beautiful. The sea was calm, it was a smooth sailing journey.
At last we finally arrived at the Island and now we crossed to the passage where you can see the beauty of the Island.
Wow. Just wow. The tortoise color of the sea. Makes me want to take a dip. But the heat index that time was beyond my control. So we waited for 3PM to make a dip.

Nice spots to make a rest. Drink some juice or water and relax, feel the breeze.
This was our spot next to where we stayed. Good thing that my friend Zane able to haggle the price at our homestay, good thing the owner and my friend were friends. What a coincidence. But thank you.
Afternoon relaxation. The lovers. Sir Eric and Zane.
Sunset at the Island but it wasn't good enough that time. But it’s always a timing. Hopefully soon I can get good photos of the sunset of Malapascua Island.
This photo was taken somewhere at Langub Beach. The area was way more beautiful than the front side of the Island. It’s even cleaner, fewer pump boats docked on the area.
We saw a fishermen selling his freshly catch fish (Bolinawa) And that was only our viand for our lunch that time and it was nice. Feeling even more the Island vibe.
That was me struggling due to the heat. 🤣😂 No exercise that is why. Look at my face, looks funny.

The Island was giving. Let's preserve what mother nature given us.

"Island days, Island ways, surf, sun and sunny rays."


  • Let's follow LNT (Leave no trace) as always.
  • Only one ATM Machine on the Island so I recommend to withdraw cash before you arrive on the island in case that the machine on the area doesn’t work.


  • From North Bus Terminal (Near SM City Cebu) Ride a Bus or Van for hire that is bound to Maya Port and from Maya Port Ride a boat to Malapascua Island.

  • Our if you don't want any hassle. Just opt for a private transfer. Just search and you can find one.


Can’t wait to tell you more about my next adventures. 😊



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Kalami sa laag🥰🍃

Maam kalmahi. 🤣 🍃

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and where is your shiela for the honeymoon in there?

none so far . just enjoying the single life. 😂🤣

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Thank you @pinmapple and especially to @lizanomadsoul for the curation. Love lots.

Wow, Looks Like an beautiful Island.

Indeed, @melonqueen. It was a beautiful and lowkey Island.

Love the beach and the view,enjoy po

Thank you maam for dropping by. It means a lot.

I love the cleanliness of this part of the island. If my memory serves me right, during my last visit few years back, the island wasn’t as clean and serene as it is shown in your pictures. It makes me want to go back soon. Thanks for sharing @restlessadvntr 😊

Always welcome @jubilantjenny. Thanks for dropping by.

I wish I can visit there someday 🤞

Someday,you will. Thanks for dropping by @mariacurls

Welcome! 🤗

A journey through this natural beauty left my eyes enraptured, congratulations, greetings.

Indeed @aventurerasbike nature never goes out of style.

Wow! @restlessadvntr
How I wish that someday, I can visit and experience the natural beauty of Malapascua Island

In no time maam. heheheheh laban maka adto ra ka puhon.

Ah yes Malapascua is awesome. I have been a few times myself and dived with the threshers. I lived in Moalboal for 7 years. It really is an amazing place. It isn’t the only place in the world though that you can dive with thresher sharks, there are many places where you can do this but it is a great place to see them. Thanks for posting!

Thank you @scubahead for dropping by. And also thank you for the additional infomation.

This whole post is just a fantastic piece of adventure and finest vibes... I have nothing but love for this.

Thank you for such appreciation @chris-chris92. Love lots.

it was an absolute pleasure. No need to thank me, love!