Our Journey to Isla de Fuegos (Part 1 of Part 2)

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Hello, gentle readers.

Good day. Today, I will feature my adventure at Isla de Fuegos commonly known as Siquijor.


The Island of Siquijor is known to many as the mystical island of the Philippines. The name of the island has changed a few times though history though. The island’s native name used to be ´Katagusan´, from tugas, the molave trees that cover the hills. Because of the molave trees and the fireflies in them, the island was earlier poetically known to the spaniards as Isla del Fuego – The Island of Fire. Siquijor – The island’s present name, is claimed to be after King Kihod, a legendary ruler in power when the Spanish explorers arrived. When the Spaniards discovered the island they were alledgedly greeted by this King Kihod, who presented himself with these words ‘si Kihod’ (I am Kihod) The spaniards mistakingly thinking that he was talking about the island adopted the name Sikihod which later changed to Siquijor, as it was easier to pronounce. A more down to earth explanation of the name, is that it comes from the native term quidjod which means the tide is going out.

Aside from that Siquijor is also known for its many healing rituals but the Island of Siquijor has more than what you can thing of. From the vast blue ocean, sceneries, the beaches it was all superb. Jaw dropping.

Again were about to experience the Island vibe of Siquijor. Almost every year we came to this beautiful Island just to keep on exploring new things.

Last year we tour the whole Island but its seems like we missed a lot of the tourist spots.



Now we already booked our ticket bound to Siquijor our trip commenced last February 7, 2023. I was very excited at that time because again I can experience new things.

February 7, 2023 11:00 PM we arrived at Larena Port. After we disembarked I already contacted someone to where we can rent a motorbike. It's going to be our transport for the few days (like 5 days).

Heading now to our friends house where we can stay for a night. By tomorrow will be heading to our staycation house where we will spend our 5-6 days stay on the Island.

10 Best Things To Do in Siquijor.

1 Cambugahay Falls

One of the best tourist attraction in Siquijor. I was a stunning waterfall divided into three levels. At Cambugahay Falls you can do rope swings that will make it even more fun.

2 Paliton Beach

It was a public beach and it's not even crowded even if its weekend.

3 Tulapos Marine Santuary

You can do free diving in the area. If granted with good weather condition, you can swim with the school of barracuda fish.

4 Butterfly Sanctuary

The butterfly park is a sanctuary started by a man who releases butterflies from his garden weekly.

5 Lugnason Falls

Lugnason Falls different from Cambugahay Falls, it was hidden-it was a five minutes walk down the jungle. But when you get there you'll be amazed.



6 Tubod Beach

Tubod is a huge, tranquil beach in front of the Coco Grove Resort. We reject the idea of swimming in front of the marine sanctuary. The corals are too near to the coast, regardless of whether it is high or low tide.

7 Salagdoong Beach

It was also a famous beach in Siquijor located at Maria, Siquijor. You can do cliff jumping on the area.

8 Churches

Siquijor is home to many beautiful old churches. While arriving in Siquijor town by ferry, you immediately notice the old church called which is the San Isidro Labrador church.



9 Old Enchanted Balete Tree

At the bottom of the tree lies a freshwater base, and the story goes that the tree is enchanted. You can do fish feeding on the area.

10 Caving at Cantabon Cave

Cantabon Cave is one of Siquijor's distinctive tourist attractions and may be paired with a day of chasing waterfalls, beach hopping, and cliff jumping.


ATMs in the area are widely available and you can just use google maps for it.

Wifis are limit but mobile data are okay. But some places were no signals. But some resorts now are using starlink for there wifi.

Motorbike Rental. Different from other islands in the Philippines, Siquijor’s main transport is a motorbike. While arriving at the harbor, you can directly rent a motorbike. This should cost 350 – 500 PHP per day, depending on the season. Driving around by motorbike is one of the best things to do on Siquijor. And it was very convenient. Tour around Siquijor at your own pace.



How to get to Siquijor.

From CEBU you can take.

Cebu Pier 1 to Larena Siquijor via Lite Shipping. Fare starts at 600 - 800 ranges. It was a 11 hours travel.

Cebu South Bus to Cebu Bato, Liloan Port. You can ride a RORO which is the Maayo Shipping. It was a 7-8 hours travel. From land to sea.


Can’t wait to tell you more about my next adventures. 😊


This enchanted place is full of untold stories that I want to discover, I want to explore it and know it's history. Thank you for sharing and giving me a glimpse of the place @restlessadvntr.

Thank you sir @intoy.bugoy. There's more to it sir. ;) Also thank you for dropping by.

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Thank you for sharing the beautiful scenery of Siquijor @restlessadvntr ☺️.

Your welcome @richdreamer. Thanks for dropping by.

Siquijor is one of my bucket lists. Some of the places there that I wanted to travel not to mention the infamous medicine and all those gayumas hehehe baka naman dalhan mo kami sa part 2 hehehe

sureness @jobeliever or basin naa kay ipa barang ara 😂🤣😂

How I wish I can visit the place, 😘😘

You can. barato raman.

Thank you for sharing your adventure.

Welcome maam. Thanks for dropping by.

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Thank you @livinguktaiwan. Very much appreciated.

What a great trip!! The humidity of the place creates an amazing landscape! You are very lucky! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Yes, @belug. It made me go back every year to experience this kind of escape.

Wow, nice island. I hope I can go there