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"Do what they think you can't do."~Duke Fergerson

Hi everyone. It's Rex here!

In our previous blog, Flor shared our chasing waterfall adventure in Alegria Cebu CHASING WATERFALLS: CAMBAIS FALLS.

Today we are going to continue our chasing waterfall adventure story. Are you ready for our next waterfall adventure?

Let's go to Inambakan Falls!


Inambakan Falls is located in the highland of barangay Calabawan Ginatilan, Cebu Philippines. This is a famous waterfall in the southern province of Cebu because of its 5 distinct levels and turquoise water.

IMG20220728133338 (1).jpg
Our drive to Inambakan falls, we followed the national road until we reached Ginatilan proper. From there, I used google maps to locate barangay Calabawan.


After a long drive, we finally arrived. One guide approached us and told us that we needed to have a tour guide for us to enter the place.

The tour guide fee is 200 pesos while the entrance fee is 50 pesos per person. Life Jackets are already included. They also have a parking fee which is 20 pesos for motorcycles and 50 pesos for cars, vans or buses.

We met our guide Kuya Jun, he was so friendly and approachable.


Inambakan Falls's first and main level towers are 100 feet tall with turquoise water and a deep swimming spot. The blue color of the natural swimming pool is due to the limestones that are present in the area.

I was totally in awe when I saw this picturesque view of the falls. The rainbow formed a beautiful arc and it added to the beauty of the Inambakan Falls.



After the pictorial, Flor and I enjoyed swimming. We were so lucky that only 2 groups arrived here with us.


In the middle part of the falls, there is a big rock. We climbed the rock and had a waterfall massage. Kuya Jun took a photo of us and he captured the beautiful arc of the rainbow and the amazing Inambakan falls.



According to the guide, the next three waterfall levels are easily accessible with its clear and established trail while the other two are farther.

We weren't able to go to the next levels and take some pictures because of the time constraint and our phones were almost out of battery life.

Moreover, I was already tired of climbing the stairs so instead of going upstream, we decided to spend our time swimming and appreciating the beauty of Inambakan Falls.

If you want to dive here, make sure to ask the assistance of the local guide for safety. When I told the guide that I wanted to jump, the guide was at first hesitant but I was so willing to jump so our guide accompanied me.

When I was at the top, I felt quite scared but I told myself that I could do it. Then, I dived. I was having a great time diving!




It was so magical to witness the beautiful rainbow at the falls.

hive dividers-05.png


Are you also amazed by its blue colored water? According to study, there is something to do with the limestones found in this area. Limestone is composed primarily of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and is white in color.

The question is "How did it happen?".

Flor and I researched it on google and upon reading some articles we found out that when the river breaks down the limestones into tiny crystals, these crystals will get mixed up into the water and when sunlight hits the tiny crystals, it will reflect that beautiful clear blue color.

IMG20220727150327 (1).jpg

hive dividers-05.png


Ginatilan is about a 4-hour drive from Cebu City and public buses run every hour on a daily basis from Cebu South Bus Terminal to Bato-Samboan via Barili get off at the town of Ginatilan.

The falls are approximately four kilometers from the highway of Ginatilan town proper. Then, catch a motorcycle from the town proper to Inambakan trailhead.

It will take you 5 minutes walk and about 100 steps to the main falls.


It was around 4 in the afternoon when we decided to head to our beach resort accommodation.

Luckily, I was able to search for a room that was good for 2 at FFG Eden Resort. It was only 500 pesos per night. This resort is located at Sitio Talisay Moalboal Cebu, Philippines just about a 1-2 hours drive from Ginatilan Cebu.

We traveled for 2 hours to get to the place. Upon checking in at 6 pm, we were astonished by the view and the price of the room was affordable for us. The staff was so friendly as well.


Good evening Moalboal!









Good morning Moalboal!




Overall, it was an excellent experience for us. The best part of our trip here was the fun experience swimming and diving in the vast turquoise natural pool. I was able to conquer my fear and enjoy the view of nature.


Sabukidblog is a blog of a couple who lives in the countryside of Cebu, Philippines. They decided to create a place where they could inspire their readers by sharing their life experiences, food trips, and travel adventures. They will also be sharing their simple life in the rural area.

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This is one of the best tourist spot in Cebu I guessed. Maraming magagandang tourist spot sa Cebu. At ang ganda pa ng bahag hari.

Salamat po. Isa po ito sa Magandang tanawin here sa Cebu. Sayang Lang at hindi kami Naka Punta sa 4 more levels.

Looks like a fun trip! The color of the water is indeed beautiful! It's nice that you shared some facts with us too :) Thank you for sharing!

It was indeed so much fun!😊 We were also amazed by its blue colored water. Thanks for dropping by @delishtreats.

Love the energy and relaxation that waterfall bring.

Thank you so much @hollowins .

You're welcome

Wow. I’m really amazed by these pictures. I mean the water fall is really one of a kind. From the beautiful green trees to the beautiful blue river, not to mention the rainbow. Like really. I wish to be there someday. Thanks for sharing this with this.

I totally agree with you. I hope you can visit here someday. Please let us know so we can help you with your itinerary. Thank you for dropping by 😍

Beautiful place, I love it.

thank you so much @hylene74 . I could say that this place is a must-visit here in Cebu.

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This looks like a great place to swim! Interesting that you have to pay for a guide, but it is probably safer that way! Thanks for sharing all of the amazing photos of the falls. Also looks like a great resort! I would definitely stay there if I visited the falls! Enjoy your day!

Yes for safety purposes @apanamamama . Thank you for wonderful comments. If you stay in the resort, they have sardines watching also in Moalboal that you can add to your fun and exciting activity

Well that sounds interesting! I've never heard of sardine watching! All kinds of fun to be had at the resort and close to the falls! What fun!

OMG!! The rainbow! Those pictures are amazing, they really don't seem to be real!! I know they are, lol, but that looks like a landscape from a magazine, lol.

Amazing post and photos!

When we saw the place, we were like in a paradise. Thanks for your wonderful comment @belug .

Very nice and relaxing.. Is it far from Cebu City?

Hello @tzae . It's far from Cebu about 4 hours from Cebu City to Ginatilan.

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thanks for the honorable mention @pinmapple .

I'm getting jealous. How do you guys found those beautiful places and on top of that you are also stealing rainbows in the skies. 🤩❤️😃 You have so much fun and enjoying your campany in the natures. Keep sharing beacuse I'm addicted to your posts. Love it.❤️

Hi @franzpaulie .thanks for supporting us always. We have been searching wonderful places in Cebu on Google and here on Hive. Thanks for inspiring us as well to continue sharing our travel journey on Hive.


The last time I was here was 2019, I hope we can visit the place again soon!

Hope you can visit the place again @jezwanderer

Thank you for this. Included na siya sa akong bucket list <3

Gogogo @kjventures . I love your travel photos also especially your kalanggaman trip. Have a nice day!

Thank youuu. Please post pa travel blogs <3

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Thank you so much @hivebuzz

wow.. the nature is amazing, the waterfall is the most beautiful and stunning place. amazing

Definitely @pajeroz .there is always a magic in nature. It can heal us from stress. Have a beautiful day.

Ice only got to see the rainbow over a fountain in Barcelona, but seeing it over the waterfall must be so beautiful!!! Love it! ❤️

It is indeed beautiful. Thanks for dropping by. I saw your post on Hive and I am loving your place so much. The nature is beautiful.

Wowww I wish I had chance to visit this heaven like place. The colored rainbow of the water bloomed my heart. Flor and Rex you really had great time

Thanks for the appreciation. I hope you can visit soon @crazywrites6 .💐

The place is such a heaven, if I was there for sure I will get to relax and unwind effectively.

Absolutely yes. The place is so relaxing. Hope you can visit this place too @grecyg .❤️