My visit to De Djawatan Forest - Banyuwangi

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Hello everyone. This time we will visit a tourist forest in Benculuk, Cluring District, Banyuwangi Regency. Indonesia. When I was in this forest, I could see that this forest is well maintained and there is a road for people to walk, but at that time there were still no tourists coming and the atmosphere was calm. It seems like.

This is a path that people, including myself, can follow. When I was also in this forest, I passed this path and continued walking, seeing the ghostly atmosphere of this forest.

This forest is also known as a protected forest or DJawatan forest and is currently included in the Perhutani KPH Banyuwangi Selatan forest area. Arriving in this forest, I was immediately treated to wood moss. This is a type of Trembesi. Let's take a look at some of these photos I took

As for my eyes, I can see the trees with foaming while in this forest

As explained above, in this forest there is also a large tree that is the same size as this forest, so it can also be seen from so close that the moss on the tree is attached, which is as follows.

This tree looks like a giant hair that has been released from heat to heat. So don't be surprised if it smells like bats. This is a natural thing.

The forest is a little prosecuted, but it is always beautiful and interesting, so when my friend and I started walking, until we saw the trees in the forest, I felt a little like a ghost, but the age of the forest. Since I was 100 years old at 1000 years old, there were about 800 people on the forest tram there, with the Dutch era when Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch during World War II. The trees are overgrown with benalu or fugail.

In this forest, you can use a delman horse as a means of transportation in this forest, but you must use capital to ride a horse. Rp. 50,000,-. Alternatively, if you decide to walk, it is better for your health, and if you don't have enough budget to rent transportation, you can save your wallet. Please

Here are some sightings of the delman horse in the forest

The sunlight is very glossy and glossy through this tram tree.

It is the face of the horse Delman. Delman is removed by the horse by the runner of the Delman and is full of enthusiasm.

It is part of the De DJawatan and Trenca trees, and is filled with photos of fighting plants and Delman horses so that they can walk with those Delman horses. In addition, we used, and use, a very interesting and attractive view of the forest, and the Trembesi trees that have lived for hundreds of years. Thank goodness those trees are still there.

I would like to thank everyone who has observed and participated in my trip to De DJawatan Banyuwangi Forest. see you soon...

Greetings: @salsayumna
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