Day trip to the islands around Koh Samui

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Hello and welcome to another one of my travel posts. As I mentioned last time, I was going to post some more photos from the islands that I visited. The main ones are Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan. The photos won't be from those islands though, instead, they will be from the day trips I took from the two islands.


The day trips are totally worth it and it's a really easy and comfortable way to visit the other smaller islands. My favorite was probably the Ang Thong National Marine Park and the surrounding islands. There are a few hikes there that take you to these amazing viewpoints. Fair warning though, it's super steep and you'll be walking through the jungle in extreme heat. Worth it anyway.


The south of Thailand is probably the most beautiful place I've ever been to. There are just so many crazy places to see there and you'll never get bored. You also have the opportunity to snorkel at many of these places and other stuff like kayaking, hiking, and even going cave exploring. We did two different hikes during this trip with the first one being only around 100 meters above sea level.


This photo was from the shorter hike and it's just a pretty lake in the middle of this island. It was so hot during that day which made it pretty tough but you just bring enough water and you should be good. I love hiking so it was an amazing day. I loved exploring these islands so much.


This is from the same island and it's from the highest viewpoint. I am really glad that I remembered to bring sun lotion on this trip because the previous one had left me so sun burnt that my skin was peeling off all over my back. This time though I was protected and didn't get burnt at all. I should have brought more water though as the tour only gave us a small bottle each for the hike lol.


This is the day trip that took us to the shorter hike. The next one will be the higher one at around 500 meters above sea level. Even though this one was only about 100 meters you can still see the crazy views you get there. I would recommend anyone to go check out the south of Thailand and go on one of these day trips. Also, it helps if you have a Thai friend with you who can haggle the prices down a bit from the normal "farang" price.


At the end of the trip, you get to eat a nice lunch, and then they'll drive you back to your accommodation. I had an amazing time there and I will probably go back to the south one day to explore the rest of the islands. There are a lot of them so it will probably take more than one trip.

Anyway, that is it for today's post. I will post some more from the other trip where we went for the longer hike in the future. That one was pretty amazing too.

I hope you liked the photos and let me know what you think in the comments below. See you next time!

Peace, Straw


Just before going through your post, I saw another post regarding Thailand. I have indeed shared how Thailand is calling me lol. All these reviews of trips and experience shared by Youtubers it is leading me to want to visit Thailand lol

I liked the fact that most of the water seems blue but the lake where the water was green. But yet it looks beautiful. While I also do prefer hiking. Hiking in these sort of places would be a nice go to experience to have indeed!

Hahaha yeah it was calling me too before I went. You should definitely go if you get the chance.

For sure you get to see different kind of waters over there and it's all really beautiful. The hiking spots too. I wish I would have visited some more caves though.

The lake sure looks mesmerising. I loved the view from your hike. It's really worth the climb.

The view was amazing and I'd walk back up any day for that view.

Those places look really beautiful. Any ides why that lakes water looks so green?

I don't know why actually. The place is called the Emerald Lake and I remember the tour guide telling us that it formed in the crater of a dead volcano but I don't know more than that.

It looks beautiful and amazing, I hope I can go there too.

It was really amazing. I hope you can too.

Beautiful lake, at first glance looks like raja ampat, papua (indonesia), unfortunately I did not have a photo when visiting it a few years ago

It was really beautiful. I am actually planning to visit Indonesia next time I go that way.

Of course captain, watch out not to get lost😅

That emerald lake prolly has low oxygen and high in algae hence its green color but not sure although it looks beautiful from afar.

Yeah seems pretty likely that it has to do with algae. I should have gone closer to check it out.

Wow the photos you took are so beautiful! I just went Koh Samui last July as well but of course the photos I have are not doing the beautiful island any justice. The airbnbs we stayed in were all on top of the cliffs and overlooking the sea! Breathtaking sight and the best kind of view to greet your every morning!

Yeah I can't imagine a better view to wake up too. It really is an amazing place. Glad you also got to experience it.

Amazing.. It's breath taking when you get to the top. I love this view you shared, anything like it I love it though.🤩

Yeah it really is an amazing view from up there. Glad you liked the photos.

Gosh, some breathtaking pictures.

Esas imágenes son realmente hermosas, viajar es lo máximo.

:o que hermoso, las islas parecieran que flotaran sobre el agua, tienen unas formas muy curiosas, estan muy bonitas tus fotos, saludos :)

Fue un viaje extraordinario, me encantaron las imágenes, son realmente asombrosas.

Woo what stunning images that of super enchanted with each of them.

Thanks I am glad you liked them.

wow amazing photos, the view reminds me how much I miss going on vacations. :(

Yeah I didn't travel at all for a while before this. I hope you get to go ion a nice vacation soon.

Wow! This is truly paradise

Your post is very interesting! This is a place to live forever in life.

Hah yeah I would not complain if I could live there.

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Nice pictures !alive

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