Amsterdam - city build with love

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After so many years of talking and wishing we finally decided that is time to go on a trip with my girls. And yes, only girls, no boys allowed.

My best friend of 20 years called me about one month ago that she wants to go on a trip, and she wants me to go with her. In high school, we always talk about going on a trip every year to discover Europa. We were going to a high school of tourism but we never traveled after school we only talk about it. But now is enough, we are going. Destination – Amsterdam.

We decided to go alone if our boys don't want to go with us, but our two friends wanted to go with us. Four girls and one wish.

I came from Austria because our trip started in Slovenia. At 3 a.m. we packed our bags in the car and our trip started. We drove from Murska Sobota to Ljubljana at an airport. Slovenia has only one airport, so we needed about two hours, and we left our car at the airport park place. If you leave your car there you pay only 24 e for 3 days and was better to go with our own car, so there was no need for to someone drive us there. We were so excited, but of course, there is always something to mess with our plan. And this time, they had problems with me.

I have two last names because after the wedding I decided to have both. I always wanted to have two last names, don't ask me why, I don't know either. It just looks awesome to have both. But my friend, when she bought a plane ticket used only one last name for my ticket, actually on our trip to Madeira they used also only one last name and there was no problem. But on a check-in, she said this is impossible and I need to buy a new ticket. Are u crazy? All my data are the same, nobody ever complicated about this and this is not my first trip, why you make this difficult for me now? But she didn't want me to check in, she was really mean and she send me away because apparently there is no other option only to buy a new ticket. so I want to information point and ask a lady what should I do. She just smiled and ask me at which check-in window they said it. I said the number and she started to laugh like crazy. She explained to me, that this lady always does that, she likes to mess with people, and apparently, she is really grumpy woman. She said this is not a problem, it is possible to travel like that, a lot of people do it. They have two last names and they use only one, all the other data are the same on the ticket and this is enough. So she print it out, send me to another window, and this lady accepted my ticket without a problem. They took my luggage, gave me a ticket and that was it. Or so I thought. But then you need to enter with your ticket inside to go on a security check. But my ticket didn't work so the door didn't open. I think I tried 20 times but nothing. So again, I needed to go to the information lady. She started laughing. Apparently, they didn't enter my ticket in the system so she opened the door for me and did it herself. This lady was so nice, and I'm very grateful that she to took time for me and did this. I was still a little scared what if they don't leave me on a plane. Now was the time for a security check. Again they had a problem with me. Only me. I'm a big fan of clippers and I've been collecting them for a while, and a few days ago I bought them for my collection, but I somehow forgot that I had them in my personal luggage. Of course, they saw on the scanner that I had 4 lighters in my backpack and I had to throw them away. The lady said I could only keep one. How can I choose which one when they are all unique and beautiful? So that 10 euros went into the basket. When they finally let me on, my friends started laughing, each of them had at least 4 in their purses and they let them onto the plane without a problem. Really? So, Brnik airport, don't make young women cry before their vacation.



After landing, we all needed a coffee, and there it was, Starbucks. I never try their coffee before and now there was a chance. And this was also the last time to order something from there. This is not a good coffee, I'm really not sure why people like it so much. But this is my own opinion.


Then, we went to the store where we ordered a card for 110 euros ( I Amsterdam city card), which allows you to visit museums, various attractions and use public transport for 75 hours. Then we headed to the apartment to drop off our luggage. Through airbnb we found a very nice apartment called ArtHotel in the Bullewijk area. Rooms are decorated with original work by local artist Corkville, doors and wall prints are also painted by him. Furniture is made with eco-friendly resources, such as bamboo and 3D print technology. I was really impressed.










And now was the time to explore the city. Somehow, you always create an image of what a place looks like when you look at it through pictures, but I really wasn't prepared for that. What a crowd of people and just bikes everywhere. You don't see cars at all, only bicycles and public transport. We went for coffee to make plans for the day but barely found a pub that had one table that wasn't occupied. But since it was very late and all the museums were already closed, we preferred to explore the city that day and see a little of their architecture. All these water canals, boats everywhere, and houses telling many years of history. I was really impressed.

















After sunset, there was still something we had to do in this famous city. Yes, you guessed it right, it was time for the coffee shop. Somehow I couldn't believe what it looked like. You come to the cafe shop, there is a big board with different types of weed and a seller with a big joint in his mouth. We are seriously not used to this. I won't lie, I've been experimenting with natural medicine for some time now for all the diseases I have, so this wasn't the first time for me. However, I did not expect such a good effect. We were laughing like crazy and the seller must have thought that these girls had tried weed for the first time in their lives. I really don't know why there was such an effect, maybe because we were already very tired, or maybe they really have abnormally good stuff. After that, it was time to go to sleep, because neither of us had the energy for further exploration. We had to rest so that we would have energy for the next day.



“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you are always in the same place.” -Nora Roberts

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With love, @tinabrezpike❤️


@tinabrezpike, I see you had a great trip after you managed to take off from Brnik airport 😂 I miss some smiling pictures from the Coffe shop 😜🌿 Thank you for sharing!

Haha yes after we landed everything was going great 😂 hmm of course there are photos but we all look like hell 😂 maybe in my next post 🤔😂

I'm waiting for it 😉

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Wow... What a tour! I was overwhelmed with the expression 'only girls'
Was wondering why it was so.

All the same.... An amazing trip you had here.

Oh jeah, sometimes we need this, only girls allowed :) it’s hard to go on na trip with a man if you want to see museums :) so we made a plan with my girls to do this every year, we will choose one city in Europe and go on a trip :)

Okay. I understand now. I really do. Europe is very beautiful. I wish I'm opportuned to visit any time. Would be glad. Thank you

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