Enchanting Graz: A winter escape to the Christmas wonderland

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Regrettably, this Christmas I was unable to be with my family, which was what I desired the most, considering all the events that unfolded this year. Instead, I found myself at work, as our schedules demanded 12-hour shifts. Consequently, I couldn't even invite my family for dinner, let alone share the joy of opening presents together. However, my colleagues and I resolved to make this Christmas truly enchanting, even in our work obligations. Despite being at work, we were determined to celebrate the spirit of the season. What made it even more special for me was the fact that most of my colleagues were Slovenians, which reminded me of home. It felt like having a small piece of Slovenia with me. Each one of us contributed something to our big feast, and during our break, we enjoyed a genuine Christmas feast. Perhaps we went a bit overboard with the quantity of food, as we couldn't consume everything we had brought over the course of three days of work. Nevertheless, we experienced a wonderful Christmas, despite being at work.






Yesterday, Austria was still celebrating a holiday. In this country, December 26th holds significance as the feast day of St. Stephen. Due to the deeply rooted Christian beliefs of Austrians, this day is observed as a public holiday. Hence, my colleagues and I made the collective decision to travel to Graz to experience a glimpse of the Christmas atmosphere outside. I am not aware of how many of you have previously visited this destination during the Christmas season, so I would like to share a brief description of the enchanting beauty it holds during the winter months.

As I stepped into Graz, the crisp winter air carried a festive allure that wrapped the city in a cozy embrace. The historic Old Town welcomed us with a charming display of twinkling lights, and the scent of roasted chestnuts and mulled wine wafted through the air, creating an irresistible atmosphere of holiday cheer.




Walking through the Hauptplatz, the main square, I found myself immersed in the Christkindlmarkt. The market stalls, adorned with red and green decorations, showcased a delightful handmade crafts and local treats. Merchants peddled intricate ornaments, warm scarves, and festive trinkets, while the air resonated with the sounds of cheerful conversations and holiday melodies.





The towering Christmas tree at the center of the square sparkled with an array of lights, casting a warm glow on the joyful faces of families and friends gathered around. I couldn't resist joining the merriment, indulging in a cup of steaming mulled wine and savoring the flavors of traditional Austrian snacks.





Wandering through the narrow cobblestone streets of the Old Town, the historic architecture stood as a testament to Graz's rich heritage. Every building seemed to be adorned with wreaths, ribbons, and fairy lights, creating a picturesque scene straight out of a holiday postcard.








At Schlossberg, the Castle Hill, another enchanting Adventmarkt awaited. Against the backdrop of the historic castle, local artisans showcased their crafts, from intricately designed ornaments to handcrafted ceramics. The panoramic view of the city from the hill, illuminated by a sea of lights, added a magical touch to the Christmas experience.

At night, the city transforms into a magical realm, with each corner illuminated by the soft glow of Christmas lights. I strolled past Nativity scenes that depicted the timeless story of Christmas, marveling at the craftsmanship that brought the scenes to life.

Graz during Christmas time was not just a visual spectacle; it was a sensory delight. The sounds of laughter, the warmth of holiday treats, and the sight of the city draped in festive decor created a memorable experience that captured the true spirit of the season. Graz had become a winter wonderland, inviting all to share in the joy and magic of Christmas.







The holidays are behind us and it's time to prepare for new challenges. Although I am a few days behind, I sincerely wish you a merry Christmas. I genuinely hope this special occasion brought enchantment and delight into your life.


“Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.” - The Polar Express

With love, @tinabrezpike ❤️


winter holidays are really very enjoyable, I really enjoy every photo you share

Thank u so much :) big cities are always so beautifully decorated at Christmas time and it's really nice to walk around the streets and see the Christmas decorations :)

Lepe praznike želim 🎁🎆🎉