From Madeira with love - I see red

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Day seven on Madeira. We have still so much to explore, but only 3 days to do everything that is left on the list. Almost impossible, but we tried anyway. Every time when you wake up here, you know that is still so much waiting for you to see. I'm still surprised by the temperature differences on the island, and after the foggy forest, it became clear to me that if you're going to the mountains, you must take at least a jacket with you. I think that is good advice.

For this day, we decided to stay by the coast and see some more beautiful things in the near, because if you're already at sea, it's almost important to spend some time by the coast, even if it's just watching the waves and enjoying the sun.

Let's go to the northern coast of the island. More specifically to Seixal natural pools - Poça das Lesmas.

We parked at the top of the cliffs, near the main road in the town. There is not a lot of parking space so you need to have luck to park in the near. Luckily, you can go down to the sea by stairs, which makes such a winding part of the path at least a little easier.

The sea is really rough here, and the waves are amazing to look at. I think I was really enchanted when I sat on the fence and looked at the sea. The second thought that came to mind was, do people bathe here? Even though the pools are naturally made and some are somehow sheltered by the rocks, I still found them unsuitable for swimming. But as it looked, people also bathe in this part. Well done, I'm not that brave.

Watching the waves crash against the rocks, it calms my body and I didn't want to go, I just wanted to sit there and never ever leave. Listening to the sea, watching, and sunbathing.

As I have mentioned in previous articles, this island is mostly made up of volcanic remains and the sea has really formed amazing rock formations and natural pools. It's really wonderful to see thick blocks of volcanic rock with water underneath. I think I will be surprised again and again by how cristal clean the water is. Oh and be careful, waves can enter the pools and push water toward the staircase and you of course. My phone was wet but luckily it is waterproof.

After an hour I still didn't want to leave this place, so they promised me that we are going to eat something and then swimming.














A little bit down the road is a Seixal beach, with a small restaurant, so of course, first, we had to go eat and have a coffee.

Here you have a black sand beach with an incredible mountain view and waterfalls on the beach. Yeah, there is a waterfall in the corner of the beach that you can access. You are lying on the beach, listening to the waves and there is a waterfall in the background. What more do we want? I've never really experienced that.

Since there are not many stones and there is really almost everywhere sand, this beach is also very popular for surfing and there were quite a few people surfing there. I could only laugh as the waves tossed them up and down. But kudos for courage and strength. After a short refreshment in the sea and sunbathing, the first thing you have to do on this beach is taking a shower. Fortunately, there are small showers there. Oh, that sand, I think I brought it back to Austria, it's almost impossible to get black sand out of my hair and swimsuit. But it was worth it. You must visit this beach, not only because of the beautiful surrounding, but also because there are not many people here, so it is very calm and you can swim without bouncing in the people when you're being tossed by the waves.




Our last stop today was in Ponta do Bode on the north coast. Have you ever wondered what it looks like on Mars? Then you must visit this place. When we got there, I really felt like I was on another planet or another island. Just 5 minutes ago it was green everywhere around, but now I have landed on Mars. And I thought that this island couldn't surprise me anymore. Oh, how wrong of me to think that.

As a result of weathering and erosion, incredible rock shapes and colors have been created here, which really give this area a kind of incredible touch of beauty. I really recommend you to visit this place, it is almost impossible to say anything more about it, I can only show you in pictures. It's a great place to take pictures and what's best is that it's not crowded and if you need peace, this is a perfect place. But it's a little windy, so put some clothes on.
















Our day ended with amazing images in my head and on my phone. This will stay with me forever.

“Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.” —Lao Tzu

If you want to know exact location, look it up on pinmapple map ;)

With love, @tinabrezpike ❤️


It feels so good to be there. Looking at that beautiful view!

It’s really wonderful. This island surprises every day, not only because is so beautiful, but people are also amazing, they are chill and there is no hurry, I want to live like that 😂

Wow. I hope I can visit that place too. Have a wonderful vvisit there.

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