A ghostly tour in the dark late of night

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Do you believe in paranormal activity? Not only what you can see but what you can also feel, hear and smell. If so, you may be interested in taking a ghostly tour.


Take a short drive to the western suburb of Melbourne to a charming water front location name Point Cook. Right on the beach one of the oldest building in Victoria called Point Cook Homestead built and run by the Chirnside brothers Thomas and Andrew. Coming over from Scotland after leaving the wealthy family, they created their own wealth by living off the land and buying and selling cattle, sheep, and horses.


Some of the horses also came from their homeland and they trained horses for racing. Some of them won the Melbourne Cup. They became very rich owned an extraordinary amount of land approximately from Altona to the You Yangs, and started building The Mansion (I wrote about this place while ago). While they stayed in Mansion, they used Point Cook Homestead as holiday house. The location of this apartment is second to none as it is only 10 meters from the water and there are no roads or interfering structures with amazing views of the city and lush vegetation untouchable to this day, simply amazing !!!!



It was once home to the Chirnside family who were prominent landowners and pastoralists in Victoria during their time. However, over the years, it has become one of the most haunted places in Victoria.

Many people who have visited Point Cook Homestead report strange occurrences such as footsteps when no one is there, doors opening and closing on their own accord, and even sightings of ghostly apparitions. They are true stories and many people doing investigation about it.

The history of the homestead includes tales of tragedy which many believe contribute to its eerie atmosphere.


We were given a pair of sticks and instructed to ask any spirits present if they were around. The concept is simple: two sticks are held parallel to each other while asking if there is any spirit present. How it happened !! The sticks moved. It was an eerie but exciting way to connect with the unknown world beyond our own!!!

These stories we were told during the tour. One brother (Andrew) went back home and married to his brother's girlfriend (Thomas). This unexpected turn of events left Thomas feeling hurt and betrayed by both his brother and his girlfriend. However, Thomas got very ill and ended up staying with both of them and their children at Mansion. Sadly, he died 3 years later on his own hands, but his spirit is in Point Cook homestead- his house where his heart belonged to.

Another story recounts one of the horse got hurt before the Melbourne Cup and the stable man who took care of the horse blaming himself and ending up dying on the stable a week later. Neither his poisoning nor suicide are proven, but his spirit still in the stable. They have been seen walking around the area.



Elly, one of my Australian friends, never believed in ghosts. It felt like someone was touching her neck while she was visiting the house. It was my first time experiencing paranormal activity. I'm a skeptic but found it thrilling about exploring haunted places and very scary of hearing tales of ghosts, and spirits. The tour was conducted night time and I wouldn't do it alone. There were about 30 of us and I still got goosebumps along the way.

I found the tour to be both eerie and thrilling, and it provided historical insight into the colonization of Victoria as well as the first people who settled there. It was totally worth a visit.

The place is not open to the public. If you'd like to experience the thrill, you can book a lantern ghost tour to visit the place. Point Cook Homestead is one of the highest paranormal activities among their many tours in Melbourne. The ticket is 41 AUD 🙂


The history and stories I learned from this big scary looking man who is actually nice. :) Honestly, I didn't see any thing strange; however, the tour guide told that sometimes the thrill may not come in the form of seeing ghosts during the tour itself but rather through strange occurrences that happen after. Many people had reported seeing someone sitting in their back seat or following them days after taking this exact same tour. Suddenly, my lack of ghost sightings didn't seem so bad anymore; yet I still couldn't sleep well first 2 nights after the tour, lol.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the tour




Save some money next time and just come to my house. According to the rest of the family, the ghost of Fons grandad roams the land and we have spirit houses in the garden and a scary jungle behind, especially at night! That's love ghosts and are big believers in spirits....you might have just given me an idea for a new business here lol

You keep on living your best life and have a wonderful week :-)

You should. We paid 41 USD for the tour and there were 25 people in a tour. I'm not sure how much they pay for the council to rent the house. Yet I think they make pretty good money in short time ( 1.5 hour/ tour) and 2 tours/ night, lol.

I never heard about any ghost tour in Vietnam tho but it may be a great idea for thrilling experience and people like to explore it. :)

Now that's a business! You'd have thought for that sort of money, they'd have a member of staff dressed as a ancientbwench carrying her head under her arm!

Lol, no need to dress up as the place is guienely creepy with many spirits in 1 place 😃

It looks like a story coming from a tv show when I read your post.
On the African continent, we rarely observe these paranormal activities.
I can relate to what you describe because I saw many movies describing this event.
Maybe one day I will witness it for real in my local region.

Coming from Scotland I was chuckling as I was reading this. I grew up in Edinburgh and we have so much alleged paranormal activity.
The two rods I found fascinating, that is a bit like water divining.

So did you feel anything when you were at home?
I am guessing wee pup was not with you, there is a reason why we say dogs have a sixth sense, and I would trust a dogs behaviour if there was something there!

I do believe dog's sixth sense. Jet didn't bark but the story was still in my mind so I couldn't sleep well after the tour. I didn't feel but I imagined, lol. The two rods quiet simple tools but effective I guess. The girl told us that she felt her hand heavier when the two rods moved.

:) Hope you have great weekend ahead

not for me dear. Thanks god you went there and showed us what's inside. I don't like the feeling of someone going back home with me and hanging around at my home

You will be fine if Gus comes with you. Yea I know the feeling and I guess that's what we imagine as I never seen Ghost before. :)

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You're so brave to go on this tour, I'd be so scared that I'd never go!!! 👻

It's actually more interesting than scary although it had some creepy moments, hehe.

The castle feels so spooky, they look so creepy in the photos. After reading through the history of the castle, I was even more scared. Thank chị đã chia sẽ @trangbaby

It looks more scary to experience in person but quiet interesting :) thanks em for stopping by :)

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