My day in Daylesford

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Located just a short drive from Melbourne, Daylesford is renowned for its natural mineral springs, lush greenery, and serene atmosphere. It's a very trendy town with a lot of Melbourne people using it as their second home. My friend and I went here for a day in autumn and we had lots of fun.



On our way walking from town centre to the local market

It was Sunday and there was a vibrant and bustling local market at the Daylesford Railway Station that drew us. With a diverse range of stalls selling everything from handmade crafts and clothing; especially organic vegetables grown in nearby farmlands. The station is no longer running at a commuting station, however; it's operational on the weekend thanks to group of volunteers that run a train between Daylesford and a nearby station also disused but loving restored by this group of volunteers. We spent a couple of leisure hours browsing unique wares. I bought a handmade winter hat, and was quiet happy with that hehe. Rail enthusist or not this station worth checking out, especially a visit to the local market :)




Daylesford was much colder temperatures than its neighbor down south-Melbourne. It was a chilly Sunday morning however; there were a lot of locals and tourists that came to browse, shop, and socialize.



Aftermarket, we walked to the Wombat Hill Garden which wasn't far from town's centre. Wombat Hill garden is another one of the picturesque and well-maintained gardens I've seen in Australia. This is a public garden located on top of a hill, offering not only beautiful scenery but also rich natural landscape. Almost every corner displays a different type of plants and trees, highlighting the diversity of the flora.


One particular corner of a garden that caught my attention was the Rotunda surrounded by the majestic trees that seem to stand guard around it. What a beautiful view !!

We were treated to gorgeous views, fresh air, and a sense of calm. The garden adorned with different species of trees and many of them are very tall and big, particularly looking stunning in autumn colors.


This charmer of a town was not complete without a visit to Lake Daylesford. We drove there in just a few minutes from the center.

As we strolled along the banks of this serene lake, it was hard not to be enchanted by the natural beauty that surrounded us.



There were lots of families relaxing by the water's edge with a picnic basket full of goodies in such a picturesque location.

We were also told that Daylesford is known for its natural mineral springs that are believed to have healing properties and should visit The Hepburn Mineral Springs Reserve for a sample.

WhatsApp Image 2023-04-24 at 17.37.08.jpg

Such a welcoming grand entrance with tall-flowing tree that all beautiful colour in autumn.

Here is a very popular place and has a range of natural mineral springs renowned for their therapeutic properties. This reserve has been a favourite among locals and tourists alike who have come here to treat various ailments and improve their overall health and wellbeing, or just spa or spoiling themselves with pamper pack.

The mineral water from the ground we tried has a more potent taste than other types of bottled mineral waters in stores. We didn't like the taste much.

It was only a day trip. It was quiet busy and everything here seemed expensive. However, one day was not enough to truly explore all that this charming town has to offer.

Do yourself a favor and check it out once in Melbourne.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my day trip to Daylesford like I did




Lovely wandering through market, the trees and town, most enjoyable down by the water.

Yes very true dear, so much better in the real life, autumn is such pretty changing season :) Thanks for stopping @joanstewart ❤️

Changing seasons both attractive in so many ways, have a wonderful day!

So true thanks for reading dear @joanstewart and hope you have a great week ahead ❤

Have a wonderful new week!

Autumn colors at their finest, Matey! Looks as though you and your friends a ton of fun in Daylesford! How did I not know Australia has four seasons? Feeling "not smart" @trangbaby

@tipu curate

Especially in Melbourne, where its common to experience 4 seasons in 1 day. Yes believe me, its true. This place is so hard to pack clothes if you want to travel here. The weather is so unpredictable 😅 I feel pity for tourists who aren't aware of the weather that may catch them unaware

Thanks Nina for stopping 😘

Haha! I would enjoy such a travel destination because I bore very easily while traveling and enjoy all four seasons. After learning so much from you, I think I need to change my middle name to "Melbourne!"

Love how I feel I'm traveling alongside you through your funfilled posts!

Haha thanks for the compliment and kind words Nina, I love to travel more but I'm kind comfortable in this crazy weather town with so much do and see :) Worth checking out if you haven't done and would be great to catch up if you do visit ❤

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Very nice Trang. Australia has always been on the to-do list. Nowhere is off limits, really, except for maybe Somalia I guess. = }

And all the colors you got. The brightness of fall only lasts a couple weeks. Your timing was spot on.

I guess no one likes traveling to a country in the midst of conflict. Luckily I got to see some pretty landscapes in autumn season before the winter, now it's cold :)

Blue skies and sunny on the American east coast!

I miss the hot weather and nice beach in Da Nang, can't wait for my trip home next month :)

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Autumn over there looks so poetic. Great shots you got here. Smartphone camera?

Autumn is my most fav season in Australia. Some were taken by Xiaomi 10 and some by gopro 🙂 Thanks for your kind word :)

How's summer over there?

Many days were extremely hot weather that I felt like being in a desert.🙁

Look at you, you have autumn!

I love farmers markets too. The water sounds like not so good to drink, often there are many minerals in there that are good for your skin etc but not your taste buds!

I missed seeing the wee pup, did she not come with you?

I'm also told that the mineral water from ground very good for health and skin, but the taste so strong for me 😃
Jetti was busy with shopping and her treat so she wasn't able to come with me 😄 She says hello :)


Can't wait to see more Autumn colours leaves in few days time. 🤎

Can't wait to check your autumn posts soon 😍

Been quite busy being a full time mom these days Trang! Especially with an infant with sleepless nights and everything 😪🤤🫠 Will sure share some saved memories autumn experienced one day. Stay safe! 😬

Awe I can understand Mie ❤️, my friend spent all her time with her baby even he's 2 years old now :) I come to admire all mothers who dedicate themselves to their children. You're doing great Mie, hugs ❤️

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