History written within the thick stone walls of the Count's Castle(Gravensteen) in Ghent, Belgium

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History written within the thick stone walls of the Count's Castle(Gravensteen) in Ghent, Belgium


Hello dear explorers

Today I won't make too spectacular an introduction, I will simply tell you that we are going together to one of the most beautiful medieval cities with an amazing history, I'll give you another hint, we are going to the fourth largest city in Belgium, yes, you guessed it, it's Ghent.

Let me start by showing you some pictures of the accommodation we had in this city.


I can say that I stayed at one of the most beautiful hotels in Belgium, the B&B Hotel, here I felt at home, except for one of the nights I spent here.












Let me explain why, besides the fact that I was very sick, I could barely stand up (even so my illness did not prevent me from exploring the city) one night I had a fire alarm, but when I finally managed to fall asleep the fire alarm went off.

I didn't panic when I heard the alarm (here in my community I am part of the volunteer fire brigade and I am used to that) but I reacted with a lot of calm analyzing what would be the shortest way to evacuate (we stayed on the second floor).

After about half an hour we were told it was a false alarm due to a fault with their fire alarm system, but we got through that fine and I can finally go to bed again.

The next day we took the tram for a few stops after which we explored the city centre on foot, especially as it was a shame not to discover this iconic place.


Before heading straight to the castle we visited another amazing place, Graffiti Street, I'll leave you some pictures as I was amazed to see so much talent in graffiti art.









Another unmissable attraction here in town is the river Leie, from what I have seen you can take boat rides on this river, honestly standing and watching it felt like I was in Venice.



















The castle is very well located with a tram stop just a few steps from the main entrance.



The price of an adult entrance ticket is 12euro unfortunately we couldn't visit the castle inside because we arrived around 5pm and the last entrance was at 4:40, so we missed the last group to enter.

Visiting hours are daily from 10-6, with the last entry at 4:40.





















If you are visiting Ghent and would like to visit this castle as well, you can find here more information about the guided entry times, so that you can better understand the castle's amazing history.

If you liked what you saw and read here please don't forget to give a LiKe, Follow, reBlog or a Comment, for all this I thank you, and until the next post I say goodbye.

P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug😉

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That castle looks so impressive! Never knew that Ghent had such a place and it's quite near my hometown (couple of hours away)

Ghent is truly amazing, I even managed to explore some amazing sights here.

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Thank you very much @livinguktaiwan.

Beautiful paintings on street walls .. castle looks amazing and must visit place. nice photograph's my friend..

I'm glad you liked my post and thanks for stopping by.
Greetings from Romania.

Wow another medieval castle. I am very fascinated by old castles especially this one surrounded by water, sometimes I can't help but think about how life was inside that castle before. Too bad you weren't able to enter the castle but there's next time and I'm going to wait for that. 🏰

There is always a next time, and yes, I too am fascinated by these medieval castles and visit them with great pleasure.
Thanks for stopping by.

And maybe you can also share a video here, those castles really make me so curious to know

Unfortunately I didn't get to film much.
Thanks for stopping by.

That's fine. Photos are the best!

We loved Ghent when we visited it a few years ago. Beautiful city. I would go back. We never made it inside the castle but I remember it being very impressive from the outside.

Indeed Ghent is amazing, unfortunately we didn't get to visit the inside because we arrived after the last group had already entered, but we were happy to see it from the outside.


Glad you enjoyed your trip to Ghent!
I used to study there, it's a beautifull city with several great spots.
About the Gravensteen: There's a story about students 'attacking' the Gravensteen on the 16th of November 1949. As there was just 1 guard at the entrance, the students managed to conquer the castle. They did so because the prices of the beer were risen and they just wanted to organize a student joke.
Every year this student joke is remembered by students with a 'cantus' (an evening with drinking beer and singing traditional songs).

I should write an article about the whole attack 🤔

Now ontopic again: Great article with some nice pictures! :D

Thank you very much for your nice comment, I'm glad to see that at least one of my readers knows this amazing city, moreover studied there.
I knew the story of this place but I didn't want to write it here because this information can be found on the net and I tried to expose my own experience.
I see you know the history of this place very well so put up and write a post just about it for sure it will be very interesting😉

Love your way of thinking: authentic and personal content > 'general information'

By the way I don't know the whole history at all, as a student I was (and still am) very interested in student traditions :D

I also like very much to discover the history of the places I visit, you realize that a place I visit and do not know what I see I visited for nothing.

I am as well that guy reading the signs describing the story about monuments, buildings and statues and/or googling around.. I just enjoy learning new stuff :D

I'm very glad to hear that.
Have a wonderful weekend.

I'm sorry to hear that you were sick when you visited Ghent. But you managed to see so much! It's an amazing city and it wasn't even raining when you were there 😂

And that castle! Did you go inside?

Believe me, I was so sick I could barely stand, but I didn't give up.
You realize that I couldn't stay in the hotel room after all those miles.
I still have to write about other experiences in Belgium, even quite close to this castle I visited a very interesting cathedral.
We were lucky we only got rain on one day.
The castle is amazing but unfortunately I didn't get to visit the inside because I arrived after the hour when the last group entered, maybe next time I'll be luckier.

I hate when I arrive somewhere and realize that I missed the opening hours. It happens quite often and I'm still hoping that one I will get used to it 😂

I'm looking forward to other stories from Belgium! It was my home in 2011 for 1 year. I used to live and study in Leuven, and I loved it there!

You know that lately I also happen to arrive shortly after closing time of some of the sights.
Glad to hear that you lived in Belgium even for only a year.
I still have a few posts to write about my experience in Belgium.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Wow, so many incredibly beautiful photos.

Thank you very much.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful photos

Glad you liked the pictures in today's post.


Thank you very much.

The hotels of Belgium are also very beautiful and the facilities are also good. Then all the places there are good.

Yes, you're absolutely right.

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