Lech Waterfall (Lechfall) in Fussen Germany

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Lech Waterfall (Lechfall) in Fussen Germany


Hello everyone

This year I had the opportunity to visit some amazing cities in Germany, so today I don't want to introduce you to a city, but to a very interesting waterfall.

Today we will stop for a few moments at Lechfall.


The waterfall is located outside the town of Fussen in Germany, I can even say close to the Austrian border.

If somehow you decide to visit this place you should know that the parking is along the road and you may be surprised not to find space.

It's a bit odd that such a place doesn't have something special set up, somewhere across the road was a private restaurant place.



At first glance the place seems to be interesting I saw that it has a few vantage points where you will surely find a position in which to photograph yourself.

The place is very well signposted and it doesn't take long to get to see the waterfall in all its glory.




That's what we did and we followed the signs and after a few minutes we were already on a bridge(the bridge is pedestrian) over the waterfall.







The bridge has a protective railing and on its edges I saw that many people tied their love by putting a chain there.




Yes, this trend with railings full of love padlocks I have seen in many cities in Europe and, as I recall, on one of the bridges over the Seine in Paris there was an unfortunate event, due to the weight of those padlocks a railing broke and fell into the Seine.


However I am delighted when I see such ideas even if sometimes they can be dangerous.


When we visited this place the water flow was very high so we couldn't see very well all the five stairs of the waterfalls, in the drier time of the year you can see the five stairs but also the color of the water is like in the stories (maybe next time we pass by here we will be lucky to see it differently).





Above I wrote about the bridge over the waterfall, if you cross this bridge to the other side and follow the path you will be able to visit the Lech gorges, unfortunately we didn't do this because we were limited by time.











Somewhere I saw a statue of the city of Fussen in gratitude to Maximilian II, stuck in a rock.


In conclusion, if somehow you are in Germany and more precisely in the town of Fussen I recommend you to put on your list of objectives the Lech waterfall and even more I recommend you to hike through the gorge with the same name.

If you liked what you saw and read here please don't forget to give a LiKe, Follow, reBlog or a Comment, for all this I thank you, and until the next post I say goodbye.

P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug😉

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I like how there is this curve on top of the waterfall and that it falls fast down.. it's also cool that you can walk right above the waterfall.. if you feel like visiting more waterfall check out the Rhine falls. It's about 10 minutes walking from where I live, so if you happen to be here let me know 😊

Once again thank you for the information provided, the list is already taking shape with the information from you😊

I love this natural landscape!! Was it cold? It looks super cold, hehe

Thank you so much for stopping by and I'm glad you enjoyed Lech Falls.
The weather outside was perfect somewhere around 20 degrees, the water instead was dirty because of the very heavy rainfall usually the color of the water is a turquoise, maybe next time if we pass through here we will find crystal clear water.

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Thank you very much.

Wherever there is a river or a waterfall there is a lot of life... and I see that people have also chosen the place to seal their love.

This custom originated in Rome, on the Milvio Bridge, I think. Around the world, some bridge railings have collapsed because of that. It´s just those engineering works are designed for a specific weight. It seems that architects will have to create projects to reinforce the bridges hahaha....

Thank you so much for the information with the first bridge, and yes such places have become an attraction for those who want to show their love, in such a place the gesture is a perfect fit.

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