The Clock Tower in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv(Israel)

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The Clock Tower in Old Jaffa, Tel Aviv(Israel)


Hello dear visitors

Today I want to fly together to the oldest district of Tel Aviv, namely old Jaffa where I want to show you the Clock Tower.


If you have managed to go through my previous posts where I wrote about my experiences in different cities in Israel you will have seen that I have already written about this seaside neighborhood and the narrow stone-paved streets, so I won't go into those details again.

Yes, the Clock Tower is also in this district.

You can't miss it, the Clock Tower can be seen from a distance because it stands somewhere in the center of Yafet Street, from what I've seen it has quite a large space dedicated to it.

Let me show you some pictures we took on the streets of old Jaffa before arriving at our destination.





At every step here you find something to pose for, Tel Aviv is spectacular.



In the picture below you can also see the Tel Aviv police headquarters, an imposing building.

I also found a model of the city.




On both sides it is criss-crossed with traffic jams, and when I was here for the first time (because I wanted to see it in the evening, hoping there weren't so many people here) I found it quite difficult to cross the street, even though it was marked for pedestrian crossing.



Being a rather crowded city with a large population and many tourists at one time I found it stifling to walk the streets, which is why I visited the sights after dark when tourist groups were retiring book hotels.

Place for a short break from exploring old Jaffa.




The Clock Tower seen from different angles.
This picture is my favorite.




The Clock Tower was completed in 1902, with a fabulous history like that of the old Jafa district, is built of limestone and has a clock located near the top.



It took us long enough to take a few pictures without too many tourists in them, so we got a bit tired, if you visit this area too don't worry on both sides of the Clock Tower you can find restaurants where you can eat something or actually relax with a coffee.



What do you say, is the Clock Tower just as amazing in the evening?








Near the Clock Tower there is also a mosque and other tourist attractions that I will write about in other posts.








Unfortunately we were not allowed to go inside, I would have been happy if we could see the mosque from inside.





The day of exploring this old part of Jaffa has come to an end.

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P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug😉


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Thank you very much.

Lovely photos, this is really a beautiful building! I love how the tower looks like, imposung.

The photos in which you can see a LED ambiental curtain are also nice.

A very visited place in old Jaffa, Tel Aviv, now I sit and think about the current situation in Gaza and Israel I can't figure out when it will get back to normal and when this country will be able to welcome tourists again.
Thank you for visiting.

Yeah...I dont know what to say about that. I think its traggic all these events and wars lately..
I dont see good things in the future overall in this globe.

The way things have been going in the world lately, I'm not sure it's going to be good either.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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Thank you very much.

Very beautiful. It's also very hard for me to see this and not think of how Gaza is looking now. 😭😭😭

I don't even know how to begin, I visited this country and it left me with such a good image that I would have returned there anytime without being afraid of anything, despite the fact that there were extremely many armed people on the streets, on public transport everywhere.
I have never been afraid and I can say that I have also visited hotter areas in Palestine and have been quite close to Gaza.
And yes what is happening now in Gaza and Israel is painful.
Thanks so much for stopping by and there will be a few more posts from Israel.

It's so sad indeed. Thanks for sharing x

You're welcome.

incredible clock tower, I would like to see such ancient towns. Greetings brother, thank you for sharing this journey. @triplug

Glad you liked this place and thanks for stopping by.