We visited the site of the world's largest steel spoon included in the Giunness Book of Records in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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We visited the site of the world's largest steel spoon included in the Guinness Book of Records in Tel Aviv, Israel.


Hello everyone

These days here in western Romania the weather has been perfect, not too warm but not too cold even though we are in the autumn season the weather outside does not reflect the calendar date.

So having a positive vibe I thought that today I would share with you another place very visited by tourists this time from Tel Aviv, Israel.

As you probably know the situation in this country has been very tense for some time and they do not want Israel's image to be tarnished.

So come with me to visit a slightly weirder, but Guinness World Certified, 2019 landmark.

Maybe there are among those who visit my post people who know what it is about and if I don't tell you, it is about "The largest steel spoon in length", sounds strange doesn't it.




The record book certification was made in 2019 and the artist is Uri Geller, the work can be seen in front of the museum with the same name of the artist.



The spoon has a length of 16,18m and a weight of 11ton, I wonder how hard it was for them to mount it in this area, in the following I will show you some pictures of the streets we passed to get here, it really is not so hard to find(The precise length and weight data I took from here).





I also took some pictures in the evening when there were not so many tourists in the area.



When I first got there I noticed the size of this spoon, I couldn't believe how big it was and the second thing I noticed was tourists standing at the tail somewhere in the middle of the spoon.

Curious by nature, I approached to see why people were queuing, and in a few minutes I found out the answer.

Somewhere in the middle of the spoon on the inside was attached a round piece (I think bronze) that had in the middle the place to put both hands (I hope you understand, anyway I will attach pictures to see what it is).


This piece is called Hands of Faith, once you put your hands in that special place created you have to make a wish, which only you need to know, yes I did this and even more so did the man who made this record book object Uri Geller himself.





I hope you enjoy this sight and in the future, when everything is back to normal in Israel, visit this place too, it really is worth it.

I left for the end to show you a specific part of Israel, those narrow cobbled streets that put Israel in the top of my favourite places.






















I hope you enjoy these pictures of this wonderful place as much as I did when I was there.

If you liked what you saw and read here please don't forget to give a LiKe, Follow, reBlog or a Comment, for all this I thank you, and until the next post I say goodbye.

P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug😉


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You're welcome! 🤗

It looks so nice and warm, but I guess it only looks like it as you're wearing a jacket 😊 I like the stone buildings, they remind me of Mediterranean 😊

The weather was only good to get lost on those narrow streets, our visit there was somewhere in mid-February when it was quite cold here in Romania because it was still winter.

It saddens me when I see on TV what is happening now in this country, frankly I tell you that I was impressed by its beauty, but this beauty is seriously affected now and in the future, tourism in Israel is seriously affected and I do not know when it will recover.

Hello, your photos are top 📸 Thank you for sharing 😊

I'm so glad you liked it and thanks for stopping by.