Pack your bags to go to Balneário Camboriú

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Back to Brazil and a new trip...

After arriving from a trip through Italy, where I discovered beautiful cities and places and had unforgettable experiences, it was time to return home.

But as soon as I set foot in the house, I already had another destination planned: Balneário Camboriú. This time to celebrate a friend's birthday.

A quick trip, lasting a week, but one that we enjoyed a lot and was great for getting back into the Brazilian rhythm with food, friends and parties.


The path I'm already used to but which is always marked by roads, mountains and these wonderful views of the geography and vegetation of the south of the country.

Each turn offered a different sunlit view and contrasting cloud shadow.



I love when Pico Paraná arrives, I like to admire this rock formation and it is one of the highest places in the southern region of Brazil.


A stop on the road for a coffee, a sunset and we continue as we are almost there.

Balneário Camboriú

The next morning I was in a very cozy house and strategically close to my friend, which would help with organizing the party and spending the days together.


And also be close to the Lua. This is Lua, my friend's dog, who was a great companion for walks and afternoons on the couch.

All I had to do was give her a break and she would grab a toy and jump on top of me to play.


On the first day the weather was cloudy, but that didn't stop me from taking a walk around the city.

A few streets later and I find an Italian cantina to make me miss my previous trip.

How about lunch? Is this as good as the ones I tried in Italy?

But since lunch could wait, I stopped at a snack bar to have an açaí and recharge my energy.


After a walk around the streets, I went to a trail that led to Praia do Buraco, a more reserved beach than the famous balneário beach and very beautiful beach as well.

To get to this beach you need to go towards the ferris wheel and go over a bridge and continue on a walkway.

Trail Praia do Buraco

As I like to explore more than traditional tourist attractions, I headed to Praia do Buraco, a hidden and lesser-known place.

This beach can be a refuge away from the hustle and bustle of the main resort beach for a more peaceful experience.

This is from what I know from before the walkway, as the path was more difficult being covered by the rocks and sand of the coast.

With this new walkway it has become much easier to get to the beach.







Praia do Buraco

Well, don't ask me why the beach has that name, I don't know for sure but I imagine it's because someone falls and gets deep very quickly, creating several holes.

The beach is steep and it can be dangerous to enter there, which puts families with children off.

But if you're lucky you can find a good mate with conditions to enter without paying any hassles.






I also love the view from the trail to the city, with the big buildings on the horizon.

In the city some older apartments still exist but I noticed that many are being replaced by large luxury developments, which demonstrates the city's growth.

Beach Balneário Camboriú

On the second day at the beach, we were luckier with the presence of the sun and the heat that just cold sea water and a cold beer to cool off.

Before, the Balneário beach was very crowded, and the tall buildings provided shade, limiting even more sun space.

But recently, the strip of sand was expanded to provide a wider environment with more sun spaces too.





And the imposing buildings continue to be part of the charm of this beach.

One good thing is that it's very easy to find one of the beers I like most there.

The Eisenbahn brewery, with a factory in Blumenau, uses a German recipe to make its beers with a variety of styles and particularly one of my favorites, especially the IPA.









A break to watch the sunset.

That moment when I like to stop and be grateful for another wonderful day. This time we chose a point far from the edge of the beach and high up to help the sunset.

Seeing the city being lit up as the sun sets is really beautiful. The mix of buildings and nature.






At night, in addition to the various bars and restaurants in the resort, there is Praia Brava, which has some beach clubs and now even Shopping Brava. Another place that has developed a lot in recent years.

One day we went to a bar with live music with some friends.


On another night, we went to a newly opened place, Brava Hike Beach Club, which has a really cool space by the sea; a young atmosphere, with techhouse and house music playing, and lounges with views of the sea.


This location has Bars and Restaurants that offers a variety of options, vegan food, Japanese food, burgers, all with really cool lighting, a refreshing open environment and a big screen for shows and games.


Brava Beach

Praia Brava has quickly become one of my favorites in the region.

A stunning beach with choppy waters, and the vibrant atmosphere with lots of young people, beach clubs and nightclubs made it an irresistible place.

Excellent place to enjoy natural beauty in a busy place!




In the midst of these cloudy days and sunny days and many lively nights, we celebrated my friend's birthday with several parties for family and friends, it was a great memory as a return to Brazil and this time returning to São Paulo and resting at home.

Or maybe not?! Will any more trips appear?


If you liked it and want to know more, I have another post showing a little more about Balneário Camboriú.

To the next stop! See you soon.



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