Street art in Darwin City - Australia

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How's it going hive?

So we just got back from a 10 day holiday up in the Northern Territory in Australia. Wow what an epic trip this was!
We got to explore Kakadu, Litchfield National Park and Darwin city.

Let me start off this series of blog posts from the NT with the street art we found around Darwin city.


Although Darwin is a relatively small city which is home to just over 132,000 residents, it sure has some amazing artwork painted on the buildings in the city centre.



The best way to explore the city is on the electric scooters which you will find scattered throughout the city.


They are very cheap and as it's so damn hot here it's way better than walking.


It's so good to see such stunning art in the back streets. This piece is very clever how the artist incorporates the electrical box with the mural.



And on the side of huge buildings.

Another favourite of mine was the boxing crocodile which is made out like Godzilla.

We found a huge boxing crocodile on our way to Kakadu so we had to recreate this image haha

This water fall was really cool how the artist let the paint run as it was the water flow.


All the animal paintings are super cool!



These aboriginal style paintings are also very nice depicting the barramundi in the rivers up here.


So if you ever visit Darwin make sure you find the time to explore the back streets and find alot more murals and street art.

Happy travels!!


Amazing street art in Darwin! 😀 👍

It's sure is some Amazing art👍

Yesir! My zodiac is cancer, the first pic with the robot-crab is crazy!!😀

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Awesome stuff and a fellow Aussie! Great to see you on board. Hope you enjoyed your trip and keeping safe from COVID.

I'm down in Melbourne

Hi mate, we had a great getaway!
Back in Brisbane now, hope everything down in Melbourne is going good 👍

Wow, I am impressed! The most amazing street art pieces I have seen were in Latin America but these are fantastic too. Kudos to Australian street artists! :)

@tipu curate 2

It sure does bring the city to life 😊
cheers for the tip mate much appreciated 👍

I like Darwin (and the NT generally) anyway, but it's nice to see they've spruced the place up a bit since I was last there.

This was our first time to the NT and we had a blast!
It was definitely cool to see so much art in the city

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Awesome thank you 😊

whoa ! amazing ! i wish we have something like this in our place too, it looks so beahtiful