Apiranthos, a magic village full of energy!

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Hello my dear friends,

today I want to share with you the visit I had at the beginning of the summer that just passed us in a special place!

I'm talking about the village of Apeiranthos on the island of Naxos, in Greece! It is one of the places I would very much like to trust again in the future and maybe stay longer!

The village is located high up, in one of the most mountainous parts of the island, since it was essentially a castle - watchtower, as a means of protection from the Saracen pirates!

The village is characterized by its narrow streets, picturesque houses with many plants, beautiful squares, small cozy cafes, its white churches and of course its many beautiful cats!

Let's go discover this beautiful place together!

Arm yourself with patience and breaths, since, as I told you, the village is mountainous, so there are many steps to climb


The consolation is that after each uphill, you will almost always come to a point where the beauty of its simpleness will reward you.


Although it is not a castle in the form you might imagine, its narrow streets are part of its fortification, and give you the feeling that you are traveling to old times!


One of the most characteristic images from the village is the adjacent cafe in the small square, where under the shadow of a large plane tree, there is one of the most beautiful decorations I have ever seen!


On our walk in Epirinthos, we found an outdoor art exhibition! From vases, paintings and souvenirs! One of the most beautiful corners of the village!



Every home tries to give its own touch of beauty! Small pots on the windows but also the wild flowers that will come out among the ruins, are in perfect harmony






As is obvious, in these small streets, there are no cars, so the calmness and relaxation are at their peak


The wear and tear of time on this wooden door has turned it into a changing work of art. Do you know how many people have passed through it and what dreams, joys and sorrows they will have experienced in its path?


One of the most special and beautiful churches I have ever seen! The church of Agia Kyriaki! Completely white on the outside, while on the inside, the blue dome gives you the feeling that there is no ceiling and you are somewhere in the sky!






One of the things I loved on my walk, in Aphiranthos, are these improvised tin pots where cheeses are stored! Really very resourceful!


As we reach one of the highest points of the village, the view from a window is this! Unfortunately, the photos cannot give the full impression


After all this wandering, we needed a supply of energy and refreshments! We tried local dishes, along with a drink that had honey in it! Cheers!



This bored cat next to us doesn't seem to be excited by the fried zucchini I try to offer her!

In this place full of cats, I also found this smiling dog! Isn't he sweet?


I hope you enjoyed wandering with me in the village of Apiranthos! I look forward to your comments!


I love the photos of these comma villages and I loved the cat photo!

❤️❤️❤️❤️ Silvia! Thanks for your warm feedback! I love you blog! See you in your next posts!

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Oh really great post @vickika! Naxos is one of my favorite island and The village Apiranthos maybe one of the most unique places i have ever been!

Thanks @giorgakis! I totally agree with you!

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Are you from Greece? This place looks really awesome,great pics 💗

No, but thanks God i visit Greece almost every summer!

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I enjoyed wandering with you 🤗
Really beautiful pictures and views 😍

Thank you sweet Orah! Kisses!

You're welcome 🤗

Gorgeous! I really liked the details you show us, it gives the feeling that I also just walked there, greetings!

Thanks Sofia for your warm words! Really thanks!

You're welcome! :)