Exploring the Plaza Vieja in Havana, Cuba.

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This time I am in La Plaza Vieja in Havana, also known as La Plaza Nueva in its beginnings, this is a true historical and cultural treasure that dates back to 1559. Located in the heart of Old Havana, this square represents an amalgam of architectural styles reflecting the rich history of Havana, having very beautiful constructions giving incredible views, so join me on this visit.

Let’s start!!

This square was initially conceived as an open space for military activities, carnivals and markets, it has already evolved over the centuries. Its trapezoidal design, unique compared to other squares of the time, was the result of an urban expansion project planned to accommodate the growth of the city.

Throughout its history, the Plaza has witnessed many changes and transformations. From its function as a popular market in the 18th century to its rename as Plaza Vieja in 1814 to distinguish it from the New Market of the Plaza del Cristo, this space has been a vibrant center of social, commercial and cultural activity.

Today, the Plaza Vieja is still a meeting point for locals and tourists alike. Its colorful colonial facades, its beautiful stained glass windows, its elegant Cuban Baroque and Art Nouveau buildings, and its lively atmosphere make it an essential place to explore in Havana.

Photo shot with my iPhone
the Plaza Vieja

Among the places of interest that are in the square, the monumental complex of El Templete stands out, built in 1828 in the place where it is believed that the first mass and the first chapter of Havana was celebrated in 1519. In addition, the square houses the Dark Camera, a unique attraction that offers panoramic views of the city from the top of a 35-meter tower.

I consider this square more than a simple public space; this is a living reflection of the history and identity of the city that we Cubans cannot let lose.

Through its numerous names over the centuries, such as Plaza Real, Plaza Mayor, Plaza Fernando VII, among others, this square has maintained its importance as an emblematic place in this great city of Havana.

I hope you enjoyed this travel experience as much as I did. Maybe later you will visit these places on your own. There is always something new to discover in each place, something different to explore. I hope you live your own adventure and enjoy it as I have done.

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Every time I see pinmapple community my travel list just increases and increases. Don't know when gonna start fulfilling it. Loved this plaza vieja.

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Gorgeous! I love Cuba's architecture. I am a huge fan of ancient buildings like these!