Vlog 1). Sledding in Lech || Austria

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Hii friends!

Last week, my boyfriend and I went sledding for the first time of this winter season. We chose to go to Lech as usual. The snow was not so perfect since it was frozen and not loose, soft and powdery if you get what I mean. It makes it a bit more dangerous and painful to crash but we finally found out how to break which helped us not to crash so much as we usually do. I really can not believe that we found out how to break just now. Last year we really crashed a lot. But it was fun anyway.

It felt really good to enjoy the snow again. The weather was beautiful and sunny, a perfect day for sledding. We made a little vlog about that day, this is my second vlog I made in my life and I feel very cringe about it (I felt even more cringe about the first one but I kinda love the memories and it makes me happy to watch it back) So here we go. Let me know what you think about it!




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Looks so much fun guys!!😁

Awesome video and post! Don't sled off the ice cliffs!

Haha yeah we try not to. But I am sure that it sometimes happens.

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Awesome fun !

Sledding off the snow is a lot of fun! Youu really had a great time together

Yeahh sledding is always exciting!

You sure have fun.. It looks fun to sled..and I want to try it someday 😊

You definitely should! It's fun, especially here in the mountains!

Yay! 🤗
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Wow #xsasj i really enjoy watching you and your love one, and you making verry excellent blog. We do slide also when i was in my province there's no snow but still the same 😂 stay safe both of you qnd have some fun 😊😊😊

Thank you Jhonny B!

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glad to see this snow and amazing you guys .thanks for sharing these pics .keep it up