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This a day 2 I joine blogging challenge. There are many things that I will tell about the community but I just say one that I like most. Blogging challenge gives opportunity for participants to have free writing posted. The topic will be various though, there are guidelines to the topic to be publish. Writing posts based on daily life experience is much easier because we just record what we did.

This is the second post in blogging challenge. 20 facts about me. ehmmm? it sounds I do not know more about myself.

image.png This is one of my project to make a table for my kids to study.

  1. Self made man
    I am a kind of self made man. I like to make some stuffs by myself like table, bookcase and other things that are possible with low budget.
  2. Like cooking
    I like cooking since I was a kid. My dad also likes cooking too. When I was a kid, I always sit on a small chair in my traditional kitchen. I waited for my mom taking some fried food from frying pan. That was a beautiful moment with my family.
  3. Night blogger
    I used to be an adsense blogger but I gave up because I had no good income from adsense. My writing is not good at all so the blog traffic is very low. I earn 100 dollar for a year from adsense blog. That was not profitable so I remain inactive on my adsense blog.
  4. Lazy
    Finishing work on the date of deadline is difficult to stop of my habit. I work on school today. I should finished some reports. I always submit the tasks on the deadline.
  5. Emotional
    You can see my emotional posts. I often see other members with standard quality of postings but the members earn high votes. That makes me emotional so , I sometimes write emotional posts to protests to my self.
  6. Hardworker
    I am a type of hardworking man. I like to work and spend much time on my work. I should finish but I realize my hardworking will be nothing without good skill. That is my weakness no advanced skill that I have.
  7. Like to learn new things
    Getting into cryptocurrency is one that I like to learn about things in cryptocurrency. I joined bitcointalk two years ago and learned from the conversation about cryptocurrency.
  8. Do not have plan for the future
    I do not have plan for the future but today I learn to make plan to invest some of my hive earning to tribe tokens. Financially, I often find difficulties because no plan for my future finance.
  9. I ever earned about $20,000 cryptocurrency reward from bounty work.
    In 2017, this was the biggest earning from crypto jobs. Fortunately, I have invested in a house because I have no idea with the big money. As I was not good financial planner, I lost the value some of the crypto reward so I broke in the end of 2018. The only house worth $10,000 that I have. Another $10,000 crypto asset lost the value. It could be reduced to be $1000.
  10. I am a street seller
    After I broke in 2018. I had no job. I had small products and I earned from selling on the side of streets. I earned small money to feed my family in that time. That was the most difficult time in my life. I earned about $2 a day. That was not enough for my family. I have a wife and three children. $2 was for a day of food. Until now I am still do my business though the income small, the income is an additional not the main source of income.
  11. I am a kindergarten teacher.





It is difficult to teach young age kids. Most teachers are women but I am the only man. However, after teaching about six months I feel enjoy getting along with little kids. They are so funny and happy everyday.

  1. I still do my business
    In the afternoon I still sell my products. I finished teaching at 2 pm. I go to street at 4 pm and go home at 6 pm.
    I bring my products and put on my motorcycle waiting for my customers.
  2. I like coffee

I am a coffe fan. I like black coffee. Everyday , I should drink a cup of coffee in the morning because I always stay up late. In the morning , I am still sleepy and need coffee to stay awake.

  1. I like fishing


I go fishing with my boy

Fishing for me is a sport. I usually go fishing on weekends. I spend whole day on a lake near my house. I sometimes get few fish but other times I get a lot of ones. One thing that I enjoy from fishing is the fresh air, green view and the happiness when I drag fish from my fishing rod. My kids like fish that I get from the lake. There some fishing tricks. I use net fishing and hook fishing. I do both because fishing with hook is much more difficult than net fishing.


Night fishing

  1. Bounty hunting
    Other things that I do now is bounty hunting job. I wanted to make second success from my bounty hunting work. I joined bitcointalk few months ago because my old account was suspended in bitcointalk. That was bad, my hero member was suspended. I joined bounty work as a article campaigner. Hope I can make $20.000 again.
  2. I have three kids
    I have two daughters and a son. My oldest daughter is about 12 , the second is about 10 and the boy is about 8. My oldest daughter is going to enter junior school next year so I need a lot of money. I just imagine that I can earn $200 monthly from hive? How about you?
  3. My income is still under $200 from teaching, selling products and hive blogging.
    That is hard for me with three kids but life goes on. I should work hard to achieve better income in the future. Can you help me? ...???/
  4. I like traditional medicines
    I like to use traditional medicine when I have health problem. I use some garlic, galangal, ginger, lemon grass and other herbs to make medicines. I like to eat traditional foods too. This is my experience my help you.
    I had covid-19 symptoms , I never checked but the symptoms are the same as covid-19 infection. I tried to use garlic. I sliced two garlics and put in the 600 ml water with one tea spoon of white sugar. I let the garlic in a bottle or a glass for about 30 minutes. I prefered to put the bottle with garlic water in refrigerator. Then I drank the water. Then the symptoms were away from my body so I felt healthy again.
  5. I dream of having a good camera.
    I am dreaming to have a good camera. I want to be photo blogger. I imagine that on weekend, I will go with my kids hunting good pictures of animals, trees, natures and people.
  6. I like graphic design
    I like to learn graphic design. I use Gimp apps for my simple design. I am a self learner so I learn graphic design only from reading and watching video tutorials. I have never joined a class of design. The result is not good enough but I enjoy my design.

Those are 20 facts about me. I think I just realized by writing in this post that I am a weak blogger. That's ok I hope I will learn better in the future.


You are the first children's teacher I met. Excellent!

Thanks @lauramica , everyday I work with little kids. First two monts was stressful but today I enjoy with them

Nicely shared best regards.


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In my country, a camera for photo blogging $300 USD is a good.

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That's very kind of you @jkr88 . I would be very glad to receive your kindness to help me. That is my dream to have a camera. I can say nothing to your kindness because you do not know me. By the way I will post a story of unboxing camera on hive a gift from you.
This is my bitcoin address in blockchain.info

BTC sent!
No worries! I'm glad I can help. I really appreciate your blog posts on hive/leofinance. Keep it up. As you can see from my posts I am also a father of three :)
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