#bloggingchallenge what's the most epic way you've seen someone quit or be fired? part 4 days 25

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Hi, there welcome to you to my daily #bloggingchallenge I'm sure you're doing good on this lovely day.

While growing up as a child I've always admired the working class, always in their exotic cars in their expensive suit, and always in a conducive working environment, those working in the financial firm will dress cooperate it's always cool when you approach such working-class they always putting on a smiling face looking cheered always.

I guess little did I know back then, that most working classes are not as happy as they always look sometimes they need to look happy in others to make their customers feel happy while within they are having a bunch of problems to handle either having the uncertainty of getting fired any moment or facing some hard time threats from their boss or colleague.

Although I worked once as a janitor when I finished high school, it was a memorable experience back then the work was very stressful as I had to always be up early and make sure the school premises are kept clean before the teachers and students will be in their respective class and office.

I will not forget this day it was October 2015 after having a hard time doing the cleaning I was very exhausted so I had to cool off I retired to a very quiet place where I had to rest a little before resuming back for the cleanup, while I was resting I had no idea my boss was around, unfortunately, he saw me while I was resting at that moment he was pissed off without making any inquiries why I was resting he verbally ask me not to come back the next day I thought I was a joke he meant what he just said that was it I got fired that very moment.

Although I did not feel bad much since I had admission that same year to study mechanical engineering so life continues.

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Bad luck your boss saw you on a quick rest and reacted more to that instead of looking at all your hard work, but good to know got into mechanical engineering, everything happens for a reason.

Sure dear such is life thanks much for your time best regards.