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For those of us in the the tropics, spring might be a strange word to us, except we're referring to a flexible device that springs back when a force is exerted upon it, or the very action of sprouting or growth attributed mostly to plant.

But when and where spring is used in reference to climatic season; save for movies, books, interactions and travelling, it would become incognizant to some of us in the tropics.

The reason being that the tropical areas are closer to the sun, hence its climatic seasons is different from what is obtainable in other regions of the esrth.

While the Temperate region can boast of Autumn, Winter, Summer and Springs as Climatic seasons, we in the Tropics can only talk of dry and wet or rainy seasons.

In terms of the features of the different climatic seasons, summer can be likened to our dry season, due to the prominnent number of sunny days, while spring can be likened to wet or rainy season, due to the good amount of rainy days. The comparableness is why we are even having this discussion. If the question was about winter or autumn, my answer would either be based on assumption, backed up with facts from books and movies or it will be a conveyance of my little travelling experience.

While I know that springs entails much more things to people; than a mere presence of rainfall, my answer will however be tilted primarily towards the presence of rain, because I will infact be narrating my rainy seasons experience.

Now the question to me, is more like;

it's rainy season, are you loving it or hating it?

My home happens to be located in the tropical rainforest region of the Nigeria, which implies that we get to experience rainfalls almost through out the year. When it is rainy season, the rainfall only becomes intensified.

Coincidentally we're in the season, and it might have hit its peak in recent weeks. It's been raining almost everyday throughout this week. As someone that has a lot of outdoor businesses that I'm mandated to attend to, I have been drenched by the rain, not less than twice this week. Being without a car, made showing up wet in the office to become almost a perpetual thing for me this week.

Apart from harmattan weather which occurs at some point during dry seasons, mostly around december and January, the closest we have come to knowing what cold weather is like, is rainy seasons. I'm a bit too hyperactive to well accommodate the dullness and gloominess that cold brings. My body doesn't react too well to cold.

After being soaked in the rain on monday morning while going to work, I almost became vulnerable at night, I started wishing that she that is to come, was around already. I longed for cuddles to warm my shivering skin and an embrace to steady my quaking body.

How can I possibly enjoy this weather?

Well I don't like rainfalls because, I don't like too much cold.

I've shared before that my typical fun routine includes walking bare chested in the garden on a sunny morning.

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Another fun routine is sunbathing by the pool or beach side.

l love the feeling of sun, when it is not scorching, on my bare skin.

I don't particularly hate rain, but if it can be less intense and comes mostly at night, then it will be perfect for me.

Considering my geographical location where it rains almost through the year, the rainy season where rainfalls becomes almost an everyday thing is a no for me.

Rainy seasons which is similar to Spring in the temperate areas of the earth is a no for me.

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The post was inspired by thirty days blogging challenge
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If there is rain after every few days I won't be liking it. Lol. Though I don't have to go out side for amy work but continuous rain disrupts everything. It creates mess in the house as well as on the roads. Lol. Though it is not actually the rain that creates it, it is the bad sewerage system that is responsible for these mishaps.

A good drainage will take care of the mess.
But in the absence of that, incessant rainfall will cause a lot of mess.
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