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I had been looking forward to 2021. It felt like an escape zone from everything negative about 2020.

The first thing I wanted to do was to quit a tasking job which I was ridiculously being underpaid.

I am a very optimistic person, have got the chutzpah of 10persons, but I couldn't find that person in that period. I couldn't do all I loved doing. Eventually, everything felt numb and I was sad.

So with everyday we got closer to 2021, it brought a glimmer of hope.

Here are my list of resolutions for 2021.

  1. Never Settle for mediocrity
    I know my worth and I know deliver great services. And I have learnt my lesson to never settle for less or 'looks-like-its"

  2. Write more
    Writing has always been my safe place. It's therapeutic and inspiring for me. I was so caught up in things that didn't matter that I ignored my mojo. I joined hive because of it writing platform and I intend to make myself happy by writing

  3. Horne my UI/UX skills
    Another thing I missed was designing. I hope to make a reference to this post by April with a link to my portfolio. To do this, I have decided to join the daily UI challenge.

  4. Write&Direct my first short movie
    This year, I intend to earn more so I can afford to shoot my first shot movie. It's long overdue. And I believe little drops of water make a mighty ocean. The future goal is Netflix features.

And in everything, to stay positive and keep Doing.

So help me skyfather- Amin.😊

PS; I quit the job. So. I guess that's one-off the bucket list already .😁


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Thanks to @tripode and @starstrings01 for this initiative.

Here's a link to participate in the contest.


What you design?

I guess by the way you said you quit your job that it was very stressfull or useless. In that way im glad you did, there a lot of better jobs out there!

Also thanks for joining the contest, when we write down our goals we are 1 step closer to fullfill them. And now you know where to go. Have a nice weekend!

Yeah. I do.
Maybe I would have been a professional by now if I spent more time practicing.😊

Thanks for reading.
Do have a nice day.

I loved reading you, very fresh! Your first resolution is excellent, that has been a premise for me in life to "avoid mediocrity and seek excellence in everything I do". I wish you much success in this 2021, that you can start your film project and your design portfolio.

A hug 🤗

Awwwn, thanks for the hug and wishes. Also wishing you a great year❤️

The world of writing is something sensational, how nice that you take it as something therapeutic for you. It's good that you were able to quit that low-paying job, I'm sure you'll be able to get a better job soon.

Yeah. To better opportunities 🍷. Thanks for reading.

Wow, I see that your purposes are more related to your work/creative area, how great! Conformity never brings good results, the best thing is to aspire for more and aim higher in everything we set out to do in life, this way we can achieve great results. I wish you a lot of success

Thanks for the wishes. I have been sucker for creatives though I was a science student in school.

Thank you for reading.

Write and direct your own short film, if you need time, work and resources.

I'm sure you're on the right track since you started your desires by quitting a job that didn't give you satisfaction and saying you wouldn't be confirmed,

Happy New Year 2021 @wems

Happy new year @soyunasantacruz . Thank you for reading, will definitely work on the movie

Nice resolution and the good part is that you took actions
The best way to start a trip is to take the first step. Keep 👍

Thank you.

You are welcome