Stick Up Boys And The Many Leads - Are They Under Control Or Not?

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Stick Up Boys And The Many Leads - Are They Under Control Or Not?

Remember that we wrote about @stickupboys and his many leads that were all tangled up and needed to be sorted? Well, We can now say that the situation is somewhat under control today. We had a lot of playing, plugging and configuring today regarding the set up in the studio. It's not a quick and easy task, in case you didn't notice.

Thankfully, the shelving is being worked at as we speak and we already did our first video recording for new GIFs in this studio. It was fun to get back working on these. Meanwhile, there is some jamming going on in the studio, which means the set up of the equipment takes longer than it should because us Stick Up Boys get distracted by inspiration and ideas. Oh well, there are worse things, right?

Check out the most recent update by @stickupboys himself here but we're pretty sure a new one is incoming very soon!

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Pesky cables. I’ve got boxes of them. I reckon they breed in the night as each day I seem to have double the leads I had the day before.

ye that is where the really short ones came from....

When you have power, audio and MIDI cables it can get a bit messy. I am trying to figure out what cables I may need, but I ought to do an audit on what I already have. I did buy some Velcro cable labels recently that may bring some order to the chaos.


yes it is funny as we always seem to need a couple more.....

You can never have enough leads, the more chaotic the better I say!

100% in

Hahaha this is a good reminder. The studio here looks spaghetti with all the cables. The color code does work though getting it all decent..but eventually it still looks like spaghetti

yes the colour only takes you so far....

I'm sure you will have lots of fun with these and create some new magic soon :)

And I was thinking I got a lot of them until I've seen your photo.
How come you pay in LGN? I delegated a bit of my HP. To check the results.

We wanted a token that was well supported so teamed up with the Bro's to create a utility token for things we have planned. Cheers for the delegation


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