My dad stole my humor


Why do dogs have sexual intercourse with anyone who gives them a good rub on the back or on the belle??

When I asked my biology teacher that question, she immediately wore a bright smile on her face and looked squarely at me and then she told me to wait behind after school to get my answer. You should see the smile on my face after school, every of my friends kept patting me on the back and encouraging me with a broad smile, to them, I was their saviour.

I walked through the hallway and read the name Mrs Hunkleberry carefully carved on the door. I knocked once and then walked in with all the courage I could muster. My eyes immediately fell on the bright pink spec that never left her face and then on her cleavage that was always carefully hidden, but it didn't stop my mind from running wild. She sat in front of her desk while she fiddled with a red silk, I couldn't tell what it was.

Then she motioned me to sit down, I did, she turned, went over to her chair and sat down. She looked at me and finally said, "you're a bright young man Chinco, and I love how inquisitive you are, but...are you really sure you're prepared to know the answer to the question you asked earlier today"??. I nodded, she looked at me and smiled.

Then we talked at length, she intimated me on the behavioural components of a dog, it's way of life and it's approach to sex and I could understand them so well. Reminded me so much of my dad. He does that a lot, he gives you what you want (the whole belle rub and stuff) and when you're trying to have sexual intercourse with him, he leaves you hanging.


What I mean is, the dog for instance comes to you without even knowing wether to trust you or not and then you make him trust you with the smile you have on your face and boom, the dog likes you, and what better way to make the person you feel loved than to have sexual intercourse with them?

So the dog, in a bid to pay you back, has sexual intercourse with your leg and instead of letting him go about his business and be well on your way, you hit him and make him feel dejected. That's wrong!

My dad gives me this friendly, welcoming face and he says the words, "you can tell me anything my boy", that there draws me in and I really feel I can tell him anything. Then one day I was feeling really humorous and I told him, "Dad, mom just told me that her cucumber does a better job than you do".

He smiled and left without saying a word. I stood there furious, why didn't he react, why didn't he let me have you know, I don't have to say it again. Next thing I see him with my mom, and he's carrying our little cat, then he's gesturing pointing at himself and whispering"mine", like it or not.

Thank you for reading this, if you enjoyed it or it connected to you in a way, I invite you to drop a comment, I'll be glad to reply and Upvote for more content ❤️


Did he mean...this pussy is mine like it or not?? 🤔

😂😂😂 I don't think he meant that

Okay, this is some kind of dark humor and I'm not sure if I should be grateful dad stole it... Like the way you gave the joke out (the thing about dogs and sexual intercourse lol)

You're welcome @comedyopenmic's great to share a good laugh once in a while no matter how dark it is 😂😂

this dude just made me rethink the whole rubbing my dog on the belly thing

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