One More Week Of Round 4 - 80 HBD In Prizes + Extra Rewards For The DreemPort Mini-Comedy-Challenge


This is a reminder that our COMtest is now bi-weekly and you still have 7 days to enter. There are no limits on entries, so feel free to keep your funny posts coming.

Surprise Rewards For The @Dreemport Mini-Comedy-Challenge

Last week, @dreemsteem and @dreemport started a Mini-Comedy-Challenge for comedy posts using our hashtag #comedyopenmic which I noted in the Round 4 announcement. The winners of that challenge were @edprivat, @blanchy, @amirtheawesome1, @Brandt, and @victorbch2. Each of the winners will receive 1 Hive each.

Note: These rewards won't be coming from the @COM-fund as the fund was strictly set up for winners of this contest. Instead, those rewards will be coming directly from me (@amirtheawesome1). Your rewards shall arrive shortly.

Thank you to @dreemsteem and the @dreemport team for supporting our efforts to add a comedy community to this platform.

Entries So Far

We're still a week away from the end of round 4. However, there are already plenty of great entries and series contenders in the contest. If you have some time to spare. Feel free to check them out and have a laugh.

@notanotherbrandt - Ode to 🆄
@victorbch2 - The comedy open mic contest/A Yoruba man walked into a restaurant in Lagos,guess what happens.
@wittywheat - MAD MALAYSIANS!!!
@sanjeevm - What's in that Cup
@kennysplash - Kids Give Marriage Advice (a must read!).
@angryman - I'm Fine...
@edprivat - The Ultimate Guide to Fade Out of Existence on Hive
@ayesha-malik Silence for minutes
@cool08 - Comedy Open Mic Contest Round 4: Sleepwalking
@hugetiny - Part 3: Dapper Dan Fills in My Gaps…
@corvidae - Is my filthy fridge worth anything to you?
@blanchy - Drunk Lost is the Worst Form of Lost.
@por500bolos - COM4: Suckcess 101 in the workplace.
@jessicaossom - Suspicious Silence.
@diebitch - Awesome first date icebreakers
@renora - The Prophet

Round 4 Is Up And Running

The contest will run for 7 days more until a new round is announced.

The rewards from this post will go to @com-fund so they could be used to fund future contests.


Hey that's cool, I didn't realize there was no limit to entries. This means I can drop by and attempt to be funny whenever I'm bored! Yesssssss this is great. I really need some incentive to clean my bathroom.

You can keep posting until the whole neighborhood is clean.

LOL thanks. I needed that. Some asshole just posted on one of my comments about a crow he shot. I feel like sickin' the dawgs. But maybe I can just make a post making fun of him. He's just a loser pothead in the 'Couve anyway... I bet he has a mullet.
Are we allowed to do that? Might ruin my reputation score huh.

This is an amazing contest, the community sure needs some good laugh😄

It's always good having a place where you can just laugh.

Thanks alot buddy,am so happy to be selected as part of the winners,am grateful.


I've been saying it for years. Those people over at @Dreemport really know their shit.

That, they are.

Well done writing this post, I will make some time tonight and tomorrow to visit all the entries!

Keep em coming guys, great prizes to win!