The Comedy Open Mic Weekly Showcase


This is our weekly showcase where we highlight posts in this community shared here in the last seven days. These are the posts that have impressed us at COM the most.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, we weren't able to do this last week so this week's post will be a mixture of this and last week.

Now, let's get into this week's showcase.


Silver Linings 2: The Quest For More Rewards

@oldsoulnewb entertains us with another silver lining. Totally Space Jamming and milking his once successful post which is really what COM is all about. I guess the silver lining here is that we all need our dose of success.


Top 10 WORST things about work from home

After what seemed like 63 years of living in the pandemic, we all became aware of the prospect of work from home.

Fifth Harmony denies affiliation with the post after our reporter reached out to them.



@jaydr shares his post where he talks about how some people don't let go of their toys. Something I could relate to as I still play with some of my old toys at age 27. I also still hold my blankie when sleeping... Uhm... manly blanket with beer, guns, and...Uhm.. steak.


Gym hang out

There are three permanent facts about every person's life: We're all gonna die, we're all gonna cry, and we're all going to have gym memberships we don't use.

@ayesha-malik's post brings quite the "unhealthy" memories in a hilarious reflection for me.


Corporate Madness!

@zyzymena is bad on the showcase with another hilarious post about the corporate world. It is also probably the only post on Hive with the phrase "thunder fire your father"


These are this week's showcase posts. They are funny, well-written, and outright amazing. Make sure to check them out.

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On Thursday we will announce a new month-long COMedy Tournament, so stay tuned.

Thank you for reading

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These are so great...the community keeps getting better every week with alot of great comedy post

Yeah, we're doing better than I thought we'd be at this point

You can say that again.

You are always killing it

Whoa! Top billing in the weekly(ish) feature! You guys really know how to make a fella blush. Or is that just sunburn? Well anyway, my face is red! Thanks!!

Probably because of the sun.

Yaay! A new month long tournament..I can't wait. I'll be in this dial waiting and anticipating.

Your caption though😀 I guess I've made history with that phrase.

Details will be out on Thursday (this time for real lol!)

Yaaay! Two days to go🥰🥰

Some great posts. Need to have a few laughs these days. My favourites are Memes though. 🙂

We might or might not include memes soon ;)

I'm still waiting for the big announcement 🥰😜

Thanks for my morning laughs. Great collection of posts. Thanks for sharing.