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Until I spent time with these women and contracted the Zeeworld Virus, I thought it must be jazz. Nevertheless, if you can sit down to watch these performances, especially as a man, you definitely need to be checked out by a doctor- there was must be something fundamentally wrong with you.
I unintentionally contracted this virus when I agreed to watch just one episode of the "King of Heart" series because I had a crush on the gorgeous actress; in my head, she and I were already happily married with three children. This was the first time I had ever simped on a woman on television.

Just when he tried to love Zeeworld movies, they showed off their wonderful movie styles that definitely put him off instead, who's a Zeeworld movie lover? Go confirm what he ranted off on their movies.


@kingsleyy - Ladies love attention more than money

I know you may want to ask about money; just hold on first...
Ladies just love to be shown attention, to be checked on always like LiveScore. With maximum attention from poor guy, he can snatch the rich guy's girlfriend...exactly the way Satan snatched Eve from Adam🙄
Ladies like to talk
Every lady loves to talk, irrespective of the class they fall into, whether the introvert or extrovert. The introvert would go along pretending to love being alone, feeling the comy of their room, but hey, once a 'sabi guy'(guy that knows how to keep a conversation) comes knocking at their door, watch as they will pull off their introvert shirt and hang at a corner.

Some comments on this post tend to go against his stand on what he shared. But his view should get guys wondering if they have a Kingsleyy close to their partners.


@emreal - Enough is Enough

Being the last born of the house can be so annoying, apart from the fact that you have many chores to do, you have to be the one to greet everyone in the house every morning, afternoon, evening, and no one will greet you first except if they forget or got overwhelmed by something. And if you're not careful, they type of look you will get when they remember will fix your senses

He almost got a surgery for just feeling cold, thanks to the pretence and hoping to be treated better than a last born in the house.


@restcity - He Didn't Have A Chance

Last weekend my Dad called me outside to see what some ants were up to in our backyard. There was a whole trail of ants coming from a tiny hole in our wall all the way across the yard to a spot by the screen door. The ants had made some sort of bonfire circle around a poor gecko. Now, I’m used to seeing geckos. They love sneaking into the house at midnight to eat and do whatever it is gecko’s do (probably host lizard house parties). But this one in particular had some unfortunate luck. This pink colored gecko was surrounded by ants.

Must have been an horrible sight for the author of this COM post but it is an interesting one for the readers, don't you think?


@nkemakonam89 - Wedding bliss - I almost poo on the altar 😂

I remember visiting my grandmother yesterday evening and over fed myself in her house, I left her house to my father's house and my mum made me to eat so much last night...I ate different kinds of soups, swallows and native delicacies, drinks, different kinds of meat all at the same time before I went back to my husband house that night 😂....I started purging in my husband's house since yesterday sleep was, I said to myself, Nkem, what have you done to yourself? Aren't you greedy now .. hahaha 🤣... even though I have missed our native food, I would have taken it easy but no..I ate all was served without reservation

A sponsor almost became a havoc on a wedding, good thing she knew where she went wrong and won't do same to her baby sister's wedding.


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On behalf of myself, my family and all my fans I humbly wish to accept this award as this is my first time topping the charts. Special Appreciation to Zeeworld for making my dreams possible...

Congratulations broh.. it's not easy 😁

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