Adamu- The Storyteller

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This is a fiction and all characters are unreal

There's always that kid in every class that is always taking the last position. For some reasons it is mostly a boys. I refuse to believe that girls are more intelligent than boys😤

Anyways, back in my days that student was Adamu. He was an orphan who lived with his step mother. He was not a very brilliant student. According to him, he was always running errands for his step mother therefore he didn't have time to study.


Apart from always getting the worse grades, Adamu was also popularly known as the storyteller. He got this title due to the hilarious excuses he gave whenever he comes to school late.

"Adamu why are you late to school today?" The head teacher would ask.

Adamu who stands fidgeting in a dirty school uniform would reply.

"Sir it's not my fault. Yesterday I went to the farm, and I had to clear two plots of land which was terribly bushy. I stayed up all night working, with the light of the moon and the twinkles of the star as my only source of light. It was around 8am that I realized that it was daybreak. It took me an hour to trek home from the farm then prepare for school."

The next day his excuse was;

"Sir, my step mother and I went for a vigil night of praise, worship and demonic casting. The name of the church is PYP-BFBF [Possess Your Possession By Fire By Force] Sir you must have heard of this church, the pastor is a powerful man. Anyways, at the vigil, when it was time to cast out demons, something terribly strange happened. A demon was let loose, as the pastor tried to cast it into the abyss, the demon escaped. We all had to join hands in chasing the demon, but it had amazing manoeuvering skills. The pastor ordered that the doors remained locked so that the demon wouldn't escape, therefore nobody could leave. It was barely this morning that we finally captured the demon and sent it back to the abyss."

Despite the fact that Adamu always came late to school, he was never interested in what was taught in his absence, nor what was about to be taught as he spent the rest of the day nodding and dozing off. One day the Mathematics teacher walked up to his desk. Adamu was far gone into dream land that he did not realize that the teacher was standing in front of him. The maths teacher stomped his cane loudly on Adamu's desk. This made Adamu to jerk up from his chair and started answering questions that nobody asked him.

"My name is Adamu, I am 16 years old, I am boy."

The class went into an uproar of laughter. Even the teacher couldn't keep himself from laughing, then he asked Adamu.

"Why are you sleeping in my class?"

"Sleeping ke," Adamu replied. "Sir I wasn't sleeping o. I was in deep prayers. You see sir, My step father is a miner. So he traveled overseas to mine in very dangerous areas, where earthquakes are rampant. My step mother decided that we participate in serious fasting and prayer. Also she said that once it's time to break the fast, I should go into deep prayers regardless of where I am."

There was no limit to the kind of stories Adamu told. From Horror stories, sci-fi stories, even magical stories. Till date, it remains a mystery what percentage of his story is actually non-fictional.



Adamu needs some serious therapy

I definitely agree 😂

😂😂😂...Adamu has a reason to everything 😂