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I think one of the biggest things I miss right now was dating in high school. I dated a few times, but it wasn't for long and it was usually never serious for long.
But boyyyy was it fun?, infact I think most people who later got married to their highschool sweethearts were the ones who actually married for love, the rest of us are just big liars.

I was looking at some old pictures when I found one that I took on my graduation day from Junior high school to the senior classes.
I saw myself and I burst into laughter because I was imagining what the girl who dated me back then saw in me.

Even I knew I wouldn't date me if money was involved. This thought then prompted me to go on Facebook and search for an old pics of my biggest school crush back then and right now I'm sure voodoo must've been involved.
She must've done some abracadabra on me because I don't know what I must've been thinking back then.

But then I realized dating then was the real deal. There wasn't big expectations on too much looks, most of us were semi attractive and we were still attracted to each other.
If that wasn't true love, then tell me what it?

Dating nowadays on the hand is a completely different story on it's own. We both have to be physically and emotionally attracted to each other to form a serious bond.
That isn't even the problem, the problem is that I equally have to deal with zodiac signs and nouns or pronouns.
I mean who is coming up with all these stuff.

Imagine sliding into the DM of a beautiful girl you see online, or walking up to a handsome guy and they're telling you zodiac sign XYZ isn't compatible with sign ABC.
I'm like W#F, what does my zodiac sign have to do with my attraction with your beautiful eyes or your lips that look like strawberries.

I'm already thinking how to wife you up in my head and you're thinking of compatible zodiac signs. Since when did a zodiac sign become a serious question on a date.
Mehn, there's definitely quite a lot of people who need serious medication who just haven't been diagnosed.

As if that isn't enough, I somehow have to know beforehand that using he or she for you Is a big turn off to you. Like are you freaking crazzzzzyy.

Imagine the police looking for a group of criminals because they found an anonymous tip with the words THEY DID IT. Unknown to them that you used the word they instead of word he.
I hope we can both agree something mental is definitely going on.

I think it'd best be safe if everyone simply carried placards around with our nouns or pronouns, alongside our zodiac signs. It would save some of us the single to stupor a lot of time wasting.


High school love is the most tea to what I think can't it can actually lead to marriage if been serious

Very true, it was much more innocent without much expectations

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