There is love in sharing even with velvet beans

in Comedy Open Mic3 months ago

It's was a long time ago when I was still in secondary school, it was an exam period and we are having a exam that day. I was in the class reading but the noise was too much and I couldn't concentrate so I walk out of the classroom in search for somewhere less noisy. so I went out to sitting down under the mango tree that is in front of our classroom, it's a bit far though with less noise.


As I was reading my books, I didn't know that the velvet beans is beside where I sat in. I was playing with the mango leave not knowing that I was actually romancing the velvet beans. Before I knew it my arm started itching me and I used the second hand to rub it and it all escalate. I ran away to the classroom and all my classmates started asking me what happened to me, I decided not to tell them because if I tell them they we be laughing at me because they have tell me not to go out but I disagree with them.

They continued asking me, but I changed the topic. I mentioned that one of our juniors fell down in the mosque and was bleeding. They immediately ran to the mosque, but they didn't find anyone there.

After that, I took all of them to the mango tree where I saw the velvet beans and asked them if they still want to know what happened and they said yes that they are all curious. I suggested that ten of them should gather around the mango tree to find out what happened. While they were standing there, I directed them to the spot where I had seen the velvet beans. In response, they started jumping and dancing to some unknown music.

It serves them right for wanting to know too much, they shouldn't have pestering me when I'm going through the pain. Don't look at me like that, I'm not wicked, there is love on sharing.

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a nice day


Was it ten of them alone, want to see what makes you run hastily, didn't another set of ten of people try to see it too?
There is love in sharing, is good you took them to the Mango tree, so that nobody will say you are stingy.

I just pity them that is why I took ten of them if not so are would have take the whole class.

Velvet beans, is that the one some people call devil beans in Nigeria? Damn, you're very wicked o 😂 you could have just told them about it rather than letting them to experience it for themselves

Am not wicked oo I just love sharing.

There is love in sharing indeed, that's why it's very important for someone to be minding his or her business most times. Now that you've served them dinner, I think some of them will have different approach to things like this next

Yes now it is good to be minding owns business but people want to know everything.

LoL!! that was much come-on, they were not the ones that make you touched the bean,if your hands had stayed one place you wouldn't have touched it. poor them, I feel sorry for them. I was among them, you would have been in trouble 🤣🤣

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