The Four Musketeers At home.

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Most of the times i wonder how i got to know this set of human beings. Like the have been troubling my soul, the will not allow somebody to drink water and drop cup.

This is the story of my life.

The Musketeers

In my whole life, since my mama born me.. I have never never met human beings like this in my life..if i knew i was going to meet this people, i would have bought one bag of rice and count the grains one by one. This set of human beings have influenced my life positively and negatively.

Amongst us here we have gossips, we have the too serious, we have the playerful we have everything in them and that's why our house is always very lively.

Let me introduce them.
This is @mummuygo

Our hardworker, she doesn't want trouble in her life at all..she is a farmer ooo😁 but she calls herself farmersits...i don chop my lexicon tire i no see that kind name sha. She is very quiet and calm but she can talk when she wants to. She has a very listening ears...i can talk to her at anything of the day and she won't be tired. We call her mummyGo because she behaves and dresses like one.

This is @etorobong
She is the lousy one

This human being has being on my nerves, she has always want to bring the craziness out of me. She shouts alot and she gets angry easily ooo and most importantly she is a very jealous lover oooo.. This girl loves money but above all she is intelligent and smart.... but she doesn't love the things of God 🫣@etorobong come my house and beat me

This particular girl is lousy... like how on earth will a young vibrant girl be talking too much for her age.. I don't sha know how God created human beings. @jmis101 cn tell from experience... I no go fit write out her misbehavior meet me and let's gist.

Hehehehe..... The other two remaining human beings @imaima and @mmenyene are tagged lord of gossips at home don't quote me wrong please...
Ladies and gentleman, I'm not like that please, i am a very good child of my parents... I don't know how to talk oooo, i am very gentle.

This is @imaima

My partner in crime
This human being...ohhh heavenly father help your only both of us Sabi the bad things were we don do, the kind secret were we keep eee...
this one is nothing to write home about. She is the lord of troubles like seriously she can influence people with her vibes.
She doesn't easily get angry or keeps grudges.. because once you offend her, she will tell you her mind there.
She is an historian that doesn't love school sha... because how on earth will someone go to school 3 times in a week? Make i shattap sha... Make she no come catch me.

And this is me @mmenyene

A proud daughter of her father 🤪 i am very quiet and calm ooo normally, but since i met this 3 Musketeers, i changed automatically, the has made me bring out the craziness in me.... If someone told me i will be like this i wouldn't have believed. I talk alot now... And i am tagged lord of gossip too because people names don suffer for me mouth.
I am a proud educationist and a young girl trying to grow up ooo.

The work of The Musketeers.

These set of Musketeers can never keep secrets in the house, just tell them about anything and beg them to shut am make other people no hear, but no...the will still talk.

I can remember telling them that my best friend and I are no longer friends but they shouldn't allow our father to know about it...
But one Sunday evening, after eating a spontaneous dad asked me of my best friend and boom... This human beings finished my life before i said jack, the talked about everything from the beginning to the end, they didn't skip any but they added their own😱 like i was shocked... small secret i told you people to keep, now everyone don sabi...

We have carry our bad attitude outside till everyone knows us...once we arrive anywhere, our voice is always loud, they will definitely know that this girls has arrived, noise go the, everywhere go loud...

This has happened to the point that our pastor has warned the four of us never to sit them in church together because we will always distract ourselves by talking...
Most times i wonder how i met them sha but i don't regret knowing them, ....

Yehhhh who stone me like them don the start to the beat me for house oooooo... help help oooo
Na why i no d follow small children laugh
🫣now dem don break my phone screen as i don expose them ooo..
On behalf of the #comedyopenmic i want to drink wine to revive myself as this #threeMusketeers don beat me to weakness. Muna help me abeg

Bye for now.
Have a lovely weekend...
@mmenyene cares ❣️


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The pastor knows what the four musketeer's can do when they are together, I can see their influence on you, but it's nice because they make you exercise your freedom of speech, nice sisters friendliness.

Asin ehhhh

I bless the day I met dem sha

It was an admirable day just as they are.

After exposing them outside, you should get ready for the beating of your life. Be careful too, they might start plotting against you 😂😂

I don cry tire

Wetin you been dey expect before?
Cry well😂

Tell me sorry

Hope you are safe right now 😂😂😅
Because you can't say all these without receiving just small beatings.

Sha find cold water use hold body 😂😂😅

Well, I can feel the sisterhood and love amongst you guys.
Keep being amazing to each other dearies.

@etorobong your children no dey hear oo🥰🥰😅

I d coma since morning oooo

O ti lo😂😂😂😂😂

You need to see me oo

Sorry oo😂😂😂😂

Hmmm... shaa.. women, you people can do wonders, they even convert you lol...well can you tell me some of the secrets you kept with them?

You sef sha like ameobo ooo

Make I no talk, you don die like this

Abeg ooooo
I can explain

I'm just reading this now and I can't help but smile hard

Just don't let me see you
Me wey be school girl 🌚

Awwwwwwnnnn 🤣😅
Why did you have to come back to read this Now

Just passing by and I saw it


Since last year, you didn't pass by