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Superheroes are one of the most well known concepts in fiction.
This idea of powerful beings that save the day has existed for hundreds, even thousands of years.
But now, it's more prominent than ever.

Even though they are not real, people gain a lot from their stories.
Whether it's entertainment, inspiration or useless knowledge, there will always be a thing that will make people continue to adore superheroes.

But what if I told you that you could also be a superhero...
like not in a metaphorical way, but for real.
What if I told you there is a way you can be like these heroes you love so much and people will start idolizing you like them

Well, if you want to find out,
wear your capes and follow me!
and if you don't want to find out...
you're lame
who wouldn't wanna find out how to be a superhero.

are you an NPC?

anyhoo, let's begin.



You want to be a superhero and all your family members are hale and hearty?
You must be joking.

How many superheroes do you know have complete families.
No need to think, the answer is none.
Someone must kpeme.
Someone must be deleted.

Blue beetle lost his dad.
Batman lost his parents.
Spiderman lost his parents, then his uncle, then his aunt.
Superman lost an entire planet...

Are you seeing a pattern here?


You cant be a superhero without a weakness.
It's even better if it's a stupid weakness.

Superman is one of the greatest superheroes in fiction, and bro's weakness is a colored rock.

Or green lantern; he has the power to create basically anything he imagines.
and his weakness is the color yellow...

a color.


I can defeat green lantern with a ripened banana.

The point is,
the more stupid your weakness, the more powerful you are.

Although if you're lactose intolerant, you don't need to do anything for this part.


How can you be a superhero without enemies?
Who will make your superhero career interesting?
Who will put people in danger so that you can save them?
Who will continue to inspire you to be better and stronger because if you don't, they'll probably kill you and your loved ones...

Enemies are as important to a superhero as powers.

If you're a peace loving person and everyone likes you,
go and start offending people
let people hate you, and when you finally have your powers and start your superhero career...

there'll be multitudes of villains waiting for you.


It doesn't matter how unimportant you are.
Just have a secret identity.
Even if it's only your family members that would recognize you without a mask, just have a secret identity.

It doesn't matter if the only thing your mask would be hiding is your shame.
Just have a secret identity.


I know properties are expensive now, especially now with the currency crisis.

Unless your daddy is Rich rich,
You'd probably not be able to have a nice underground cave like Batman or a big skyscraper like the avengers.

But hear me out...

one bedroom self contain.

With your budget, this is probably the best option you can afford.

You'll put your costumes in the room and be sleeping in the living room.
and you don't have to worry about villains finding you.

Your "lair" won't be as obvious as Batman's or ironman's.

Do you know how many self contains are in ajegunle alone???


So you want to be a superhero and you're looking like small letter b...

No na
A big quality of superheroes is them looking really good.
Nice muscles, well fitting costumes, cool hair and all that

How will you be taken seriously as a superhero if your stomach is alwaus trying to escape your costume?

Go to the gym.
Go and get some muscles so that villains will take you seriously.


Everything I said here has value
but there's actually only one true way to be a superhero...

Get into a freak accident that involves radiation, electricity or both.

Thank you for reading.

Stay buzzing,



Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣 Interesting but I want to ask you. Are you a superhero, if you're one that means you do all these things?

Superhero ke
Me I be villain o

Hahaha 🤣 if you're not superhero yet, you don't supposed to be advising us on how to become one

Haven't you heard of the phrase "coaches don't play"

I don't have to be a superhero before I got advise you na

Heeeeyyyy, no no to family members hahaha, that's too funny but it's nothing but truth.

But, in which level are you? Which one have you implemented? You're a suspect 🤣🤣🤣

Have you join hive zealy campaign?

No suspect me o
I'm not a superhero

The only way I save people is by giving moral support

Have you join hive zealy campaign?

Nah, can you enlighten me?

Ok, it's a special campaign where you can easily win $250 or $350 per month from now go reach December simply by carrying on some tasks. You're free to join through this link

Inleo(leofinance) community is the organizers. Hope you have discord? If yes, you're good to go. Join, let's win together

I guess it will not be difficult for me to be a super hero 😂

Let's gooo
When you don blow, no forget me Sha o

😂😂😂😂😂😂. Someone must kpeme. 😂😂😂😂

Hehe. It's never easy to be a super hero that I can say so hehe

You must have watched many superheros films. This is well aranged and I enjoyed reading