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The desire for power is something that is an innate part of humans.
No matter who you are, power is always tempting.
It takes the strongest of wills to reject power.

Power can corrupt, and can be very dangerous in the hands of us mortals.

I mean, all you need to do is take a look at the people that have immense power now and you can see it's terrible.

But even with all the power they have, there's one kind of power they can never attain.


Humans have been fascinated with superpowers for as long as we've existed.
But we know we can't attain it, that's why we created superheroes, as a way for us to experience the powers through these characters.

Superman, Batman, Spiderman...

These guys with powers were created because we as humans can never have powers.

But what if we had superpowers?

Well, that would be disastrous.

Imagine if someone like Kim Jong Un had superpowers, that would be terrible for the entire human race.

But let's say someone more responsible and lovely had superpowers.
Someone like me.

What powers would I want?

So let's say a powerful phenomenon took place;
Maybe a supernatural event took place,
or alien technology chose me,
or a magical genie decided to give me powers.

Let's just say something like that happened and I had to choose powers, which would I choose?

Well, I'm glad you asked.

Let's break it down.



Why would I want this?
to rob a bank of course.

I'm just joking (I'm not joking).

But think about it, teleportation is one of the most useful powers to have.
You'll never be late for anything, (although knowing me, I'd probably still be late.)

Anything that requires transportation, teleportation sorts it out instantly.

This is top of my list of powers for sure.

Some people would say flight might be more fun to use. And I actually considered it as a power I'd want.
But considering the type of country I live in, I'd probably get shot down and burnt for being a witch.


I know what you're thinking,
and shame on you for your dirty mind.

I definitely would not use invisibility for nefarious reasons.

Being an introvert, this power would really come in handy.
When I'm tired of being somewhere, I'd just go invisible.
If unwanted visitors come over, I'd just go invisible to make them think I'm not home.

If there's trouble or tension somewhere, I'm going invisible.

I can also use it to listen in on gossip and gain vital information that I can use to blackmail people.

Don't judge me, you'd do the same.

And most importantly, I could rob a bank. I'm joking (I'm not joking.)


Imagine being able to stop time and do whatever you want.

I can see where your mind is going to.
You're so dirty minded.

Anyways, stopping time has got to be the most powerful ability on this list.

If you've watched this series - "heroes".
Then you'd know just how terrible this power can be.
It can only be entrusted to the most responsible people with the highest integrity.

People like me.

Let's go over some scenarios that this power would be super useful.

Exams: I don't think I need to explain this. (don't judge me.)

Learning something: it feels like the hours in the day are not enough for the things we do. But if you could stop time, you'd have enough time to learn whatever. You could literally learn a skill and multiple languages within a minute.

Catching up on sleep: as an engineering student, I know what it feels like to be constantly sleep deprived. Especially during exams. But with this power, you could even hibernate if you want.

robbing a bank: I'm just joking (I'm not joking).


With this you can stretch any part of your body (wink wink).

No further explanation required.


Imagine being able to make a perfect copy of anything.
I'd be the richest man alive.

All I have to do is copy a few cars here, copy a few generators there, a few fridges...

You know and keep copying and selling and copying and selling till Elon Musk starts to call me oga.


Basically, the above listed are the powers I'd most like to have if I ever had to chance to have superpowers.

A chance I'd probably never get but hey, it's nice to dream.

Let me just make it clear now that any jokes of illegal activity I mentioned in this post were nothing but jokes.

I don't plan on robbing a bank if I have powers. I was joking (I wasn't joking.)

Powers can be awesome, but they can also suck.
The next article I'll write will be about powers I definitely would not like to have.

Anyways I hope you enjoyed reading,
if you could have powers, which ones would you choose?

Let me know down below.

Thank you for reading.

Stay buzzing,



Yes... friend power can be something else, that is why God limit our reach on this, because human is human, when they have such power they will definitely use it again one another, anyway thanks for sharing this across

I would like to have power to learn faster and reschedule time, to me time run too fast these days.