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If there's one thing about humans, we love power in one form or the other and with enough doings, connection, actions, determination and possibly luck, we can end up getting that power.

But there is one type of power humans will never get and that is superpowers.

But let's put logic and reality aside and paint a mental picture.
What if we actually had superpowers powers?
What if we could choose?
Which ones would you want?
Would you become a criminal? (probably)

So recently I wrote an article about the superpowers I would want to have if I ever got the chance.

You can read it here.

Now most times when we think about having powers, we'd likely think of the ones we'd love to have.

But we rarely think about us having powers we'd hate, and that's what I'm going to b doing in this article today.

Today, I'm going to be breaking down powers I wouldn't love if I had the chance to have them as well as my reasons.
Now these powers don't necessarily suck, it's just that I would prefer some others over them.

Let's be honest, most of us would take any superpower if we had the chance, regardless of how we feel about them.

But for entertainment purposes, let's just throw away logic and feelings.

So without further ado,
Let's break it down.



Now a lot of people would actually love to have this power, but the problem is they usually don't consider the implications.

What if you are flying and you swallow insects?

What if a bird smacks you in the face?

What if you get hit by an airplane?

Or maybe rain is falling and lightning strikes you?

What if as you're landing, you break your legs?

If you're flying and you get caught by satellite cameras, how would you get out of that situation?

There are too many uncertainties to consider.

And if you factor in where you're from, it's a whole new set of questions.

I'm from Nigeria, and let's just say people here aren't really friendly with things they don't understand.
If they see me flying, they'd probably shoot me down and burn me for being a witch.

The risks of this power far outweigh the rewards.


To be honest, this is one of the most irresponsible powers a human being can ever have.
Infact, no human should ever have this power.
because no other power has more possible implications.

I'm sure you all reading this have watched something time travel related at least once.
And if you notice, it always causes trouble.

If you're not meticulously careful, you could destroy reality as we know it.

Imagine going back in time and kicking a rock and the next thing, world war 3 has happened.

Or imagine bumping into someone and before you know it, you were never born.

That's how time travel works.
It's too complicated and too dangerous.


The only people that would really love this power are gossipers.
Now I'm not saying it's not useful for normal use.
But it's just not worth it.

Ordinary TV being too loud makes me irritated.
Now Imagine being able to hear everything and everyone at loud volume.


Let's even set aside the fact that having this power is very unethical and immoral.

The truth is just that people are messed up.
If you could read minds and read the minds of just five random people, I guarantee you, you'd be scarred.

Why do you think people are always serious about their browser history.
Now imagine what is in their minds where no one can see.

I don't even like looking at my own thoughts sometimes, imagine looking at the thoughts of some of these weirdos.

No matter how innocent a person looks, I guarantee you, they occasionally think of the wildest and vile stuff you can imagine.

It might be a very useful power but the risks are too much abeg.


Respectfully, anyone that desires immortality is a dunderhead.

It's literally one of the worst powers anyone could ask for.

The thing that gives life meaning is death.
That's why we hustle, that's why we grind, that's why we love, that's why we do things to make us feel alive because we know death will end it all someday.

But if you never die, then what's the point?

You'd keep living and living, never being able to form attachments because they'd die and leave you eventually.
And if it's true immortality, then you'd outlive the earth and the universe.
That's terrible.

Which is why when I watch movies where the characters are so fixated on immortality, it turns me off.

Like you're stressing yourself so much for a curse?

I understand there are some advantages
You'd get to see beautiful technology,
the evolution of humans
blah blah

But it's not worth it.

A race only has meaning because it ends.


Sorry to get philosophical at the end there, I know this is supposed to be a comedy post.
But hey, 70% of it can make you laugh. (unless you are depressed).

do you agree with my choices?
If no, why?
and what powers would you turn down if given?
Let me know below.

Thank you for reading.

Stay buzzing,



I like that mind reading power. But you missed one super power which is invincibility. I'm not a naughty person but e no go bad if when anybody wey find my trouble like @cheeamaka wan sit-down, I shift the chair just small nau😩😩🤧

People like you are the reason why humans don't have powers

If I can fly i will be happy, because I can dodge the rains in the sky, it will be fun that's the reason I may like it, but in other words, it can get tough, the landing when you have tour around the world, is going to be chuck up.

I gotta admit, flying would actually be really fun.
I'd still choose teleportation tho🌚

It really makes us think about your right reasons; maybe I wish I could have an insect size, fly and enter unseen to a certain place but the risk of having used an insecticide is latent. Today there are other ways to know what is going on elsewhere. To be immortal would be horrible, to see all your loved ones leaving and you waiting for nothing. Better to leave everything as it is. Best regards.

I believe immortality is a curse

There are much better powers

Thank you for stopping by!💙