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Due to the title, you might be thinking this is going to be a serious story.
Maybe I'm finally going to confess his crimes against humanity.
But I'm not that stupid.
This is a story about a young boy and his friends that just wanted to play in an abandoned building.

Rewind back a couple of years
We were just a couple of bored kids looking for the next adventure.

It was a hot day and we didn't have anything to do.
There was no light (thank you Nigeria) and our phones were dead.

We could've been reading since we had exams the next week but reading is for nerds. So we wallowed in our boredom doing nothing.
That is, until one of the guys suggested we took a walk.
Normally we would've taken a walk, but it was hot outside which was why we stayed inside in the first place.
But, we were extremely bored so we said what the heck, and we embarked on the stroll.

We immediately regretted it.

It was way hotter than we expected, it felt like the sun was laughing at us.
But we couldn't turn back, we had already walked too far.

We had no idea what to do, so we bought cold water to refresh ourselves because you can't think if your braincells are being fried.

Eventually, we just agreed to go home.
We decided to take another route so our stroll won't seem too pointless and as we were walking, that's when we saw it...

It was a big school, like all those fancy schools, but it was the holiday so it was closed.
or so it seemed.
We were admiring the school when something caught our eye.
The gate was slightly ajar.

It was not noticeable at all unless you were paying close attention and bored teenagers usually pay the most attention to meaningless things so I wasn't surprised we noticed it.

We went closer to confirm and we were right, the gate was actually open.

Against our better judgement, we decided to take a peek.
It was beautiful.
The school was big and fancy, nice buildings, flowers and all that fancy shi.
But what grabbed our full attention were 2 things;

The awesome playground section with basically everything you could think of...
Swings, seesaws, slides, merry go round and all that.

and the massive uncompleted building with heaps of sand all around it.


It seemed like God sent us the perfect solution to our boredom.

But we'd have to trespass and even though we were dumb teenagers, we were wise enough to know that was illegal.

So we had to choose...
Continue our boring day and have peace of mind.
Trespass and have all the fun we could think of.

We decided to do some serious consideration and deliberation on whether we should actually break in to have fun.

That lasted about 20 seconds.

We decided to be criminals.
After scanning outside to see if the coast is clear,
we went inside and proceeded to have one of the most fun days we've ever had together.

We rode all the playground items multiple times, chased ourselves around the school, climbed various things, chilled in the open classrooms.

We acted like overgrown squirrels.
It was damn fun.

But the highlight of the day was the uncompleted building.

I was scared to enter because the last time I entered an uncompleted building, I stepped on a nail and suffered for weeks.
but temptation is usually greater than fear.
So I eventually gave in.

The building was 2 stories,
they had done the major structure, but no finishing yet.

So it was all open.
No windows, doors or balcony, just holes.

We played all around it, using sticks as swords, acting like heroes, jumping from the second story to the floor.

That last part sounds insane right?
How can I have dropped from 2 stories down and still be here writing on hive.

Well, the giant piles of sand at the bottom supported my fall.

It was amazing.
We did it multiple times.

It was a really fun day.

But we ruined it by getting greedy.

At that point, we had already spent hours there.
But we refused to leave.
We were drunk on fun.

We were in the middle of jumping from the second story again.
Then suddenly, the gate opened.
Several large men stepped inside and one of them with a booming voice shouted.


We were petrified.

We should've moved faster but fear held us down.
We just stood there for several seconds until the man saw us.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" he screamed at us.

As we heard that, fear turned to panic and we started to run.

We ran straight to the back of the school because they had already blocked the front gate.

There was no back gate and we started to panic, one of us even started to cry.

We were stuck.
We were gonna go to jail.

The footsteps of the men got closer to where we were and we already accepted our date,

We saw a hole at the end of the back fence.
It was big enough for us to squeeze through and that's just what we did.

It led us through 2 different houses where thankfully, no one saw us.

We bust out of one house into the street.

We were free...
we started to laugh but our jubilation was cut short when we turned around and saw the men staring at us.


We just knelt down and began to beg.

"The Four of you are in trouble." the man said

But we were five.

We looked at ourselves and it was true, one of us was missing.
He had probably been caught in one of the houses or something, he was always the slowest of us all.

But we didn't have time to focus on that.
We had our own plates full.

After series of questioning and threats and investigation.

They concluded that we didn't steal or break anything and we were just stupid kids.

The man eventually let us go but not before breaking down our self esteem and making us feel like fools.

We went home defeated.

After a few minutes,
our missing friend walked in the door.

Apparently this fool left us in the second house and kept jumping through fences till he got to an entirely different street.

We were shocked at first because this guy was literally the most unathletic among us.
But then we started to laugh out butts off

Fear turned this guy to Spiderman.

Even though we got caught and scolded, it was still one of the most fun days we've ever had.
And that is a memory I'll never forget.

Thank you for reading.

Stay buzzing,



That point when you told he turned into a Spiderman on sensing the danger is just 😂😂

My bro
Fear can make you achieve the impossible

I remember one time I cleaned the entire house in 5 minutes because I was afraid of my mum seeing the mess I made

That your friend is smarter than all of you.

I have a storey building, come and climb make I catch you

Honestly he was

I have a storey building, come and climb make I catch you

You no fit catch me🌚

Oya, Try am naa