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The day was new, I just woke up and was trying to get some Network.
And by network I mean get my brain waves in order.
Because most times I wake up, I don't know where I am or who I am.

So anyways, I woke up and when my brain connected, I realized I had to go to work.

Everything in me was fighting against going to work,
I mean I wasn't getting paid cuz I was just an intern, so I had every reason to skip.
But as the very responsible human being that I am, I decided to go.

Now most of my trousers were dirty, because the only thing bigger than my sense of responsibility is my procrastination.

Those trousers have been soaked in the water for days at that point.
I'm sure some organisms were already thriving there.

Anyways, I thought of what to do.

The signs were there for me to skip work, but again, I'm responsible.
So I was determined.

I ransacked through my wardrobe to see if there was anything I could wear.
And there it was, a nice sweatpant I had.
Why did I stop wearing it again?

It doesn't matter.

I put it on and made my way to work.

Arriving to work, I already felt something was off.
Something kept telling me I shouldn't have come but I ignored it.

Anyways, I settled down, put in my earbuds and got to work.
The factory was running smoothly so there wasn't much to do.

I went around doing what I was supposed to do as per glorified apprentice.

After a while, I started to have some tummy trouble so I decided to go home.
I was given permission and I started to head home.

As per usual, I decided to bop to some tunes on my way home, the environment deserves to appreciate my dance skills.

But something was wrong,

I couldn't find the second earbud.


I searched everywhere in my bag, I opened places I never knew could open


How did I lose it, then I looked at my pockets.

I remembered I put them there when I had to work.
And I remembered why I stopped wearing the joggers.

The pockets sucked!

They were so small
I've lost money twice with this joggers
The earbuds must've fallen out!

I can't afford to lose the earbuds, they were so essential to my life.
If I lost them, what would I be to block out annoying people!

I thought of what to do, then I noticed they were still connected.

that means they were somewhere in the factory.

So I got to work.
I started looking around the entire factory for the earbuds.

My earbuds have a feature;
when they're far away from the phone, they disconnect and when the two of them are too far away from each other,

you won't hear what you're listening to.

I started to use those featurea to track it.

I went all around the factory, monitoring my phone, observing where it disconnects or I can't hear anything from the other one.

I did that for an hour until I pinpointed an area where the connection is the strongest.

My boss saw me looking under the machines and asked why I haven't left.
what about the tummy pain?

That's when I realized, my tummy doesn't hurt anymore.

The missing earbuds made the tummy pain disappear straight up.

I explained the situation to him and how I've been searching for an hour.

This man told me to forget about it

Forget about it?

I'm not getting paid!

How do you expect me to get a new one??

Of course I didn't tell him this but I'm sure he saw it in my eyes so he left me alone.

After multiple minutes of fruitless searching, the music stopped playing

oh no,
but I hadn't moved.

what happened??

There's no way I could track it again..

I started to give up.

Maybe I'll just use one ear,
it can't be that bad.

Deep down I know it's that bad.

I was about to leave until one of the factory workers came close to me and the music started playing again.

That's weird.

I went far away from him and it stopped playing,
I went close and it started again.

What the heck.

So I went to him and asked if he had seen the bud.

He brought it out and asked if that was it.


Apparently he saw it on the floor and picked it up incase someone was looking for it.

I didn't even know how to feel.

All I knew was that I was relieved.

I just used the last of my money to buy a drink for him to appreciate his consideration.

After I got the bud,
all the tension and stomach pain came back.
I didn't care tho,
I barely felt it cuz I got my baby back.

I didn't even bother using them.
I just kept them in their case and went home.

What a day.

Thank you for reading.

Stay buzzing,



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Example of sheeeeeeet can hold itself when the mind and body is occupied with something else 😄

I sweeeeeaaaarrr

My body forgot everything 😩

Persistence got you back your bud keep it up.