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Anime is one of the best things to ever happen to this world.
You can quote me anywhere.

The storytelling, life lessons and beautiful animation keep getting better and better and that's why more and more people are flocking towards it.

A decade ago, if you told most people you watch anime, they'll say something like "eww, that thing is for children" or "you're so lame" or "this is why no one likes you"

but now,
watching anime is the new cool thing.
Even gangsters watch anime now.
Elon musk, the Richest man in the world, watches anime.
That's enough to tell you that if you're not watching, you're the lame one.

Now for those of you that don't know what anime is,
It is basically Japanese animation.
Animated shows and movies from Japan with Japanese elements.
That's anime.

Although China is starting to make theirs, but It's mostly Japan.

Now, Anime is one of my most beloved forms of entertainment, I can fight anyone that disrespects it.
Even I can admit it is not without it's faults.

Unlike me, anime is not perfect.

So today I'm going to be talking about some elements that piss me off.
The issues I'm going to be addressing exist in most anime out there so pay attention.



This is definitely the most annoying one on the list.

It happens a lot in anime.
You'll see a very powerful villain, that is so close to winning and then the hero that just got his powers yesterday will defeat him.

What the heck?
You're telling me that a villain that has been training for thousands of years, has every single power you can think of, and has defeated every other person apart from the main character.
You're telling me that this guy gets beaten by a teenager with "the power of friendship"???

make it make sense.

Doesn't the villain have friends too?
why does he lose then?
or there are specific friends that give power?

Because I don't understand.


If you've watched most action anime, you'd notice a trend.
These guys would sustain the most devastating injuries and still continue fighting.
infact, they won't just continue, their strength will increase.

If I tell you how many shows I've watched where a bad guy punched a hole in the chest of the good guy and the good guy still kept on fighting.

Like I've even seen one where the guy was dead but he was still fighting.

I stub my toe and I can't function well for an hour but these people lose entire body parts and still fight like monsters.

They'll cough out 10 gallons of blood and still be fighting, how much blood is in the human body sef.

Abi power of friendship is now blood tonic?


if you're watching an anime and you don't see flashbacks, then you're not watching an anime.

Flashbacks are everywhere.


heroes have flashbacks,
villains have flashbacks,
side characters have flashbacks,
Even pets have flashbacks.

This is the major factor when it comes to the power of friendship.

When a hero is getting badly beaten by the villain, all he has to do is have a flashback of his friend that borrowed him pencil one time and boom, power boost.

Once they enter that flashback mode ehn, just forget about winning.


Anime fights can last an entire season.

that's how ridiculous it is.

There's an anime; Naruto

They had a battle that lasted 2 days within the anime,
guess how many episodes that took...

212 episodes!

it took 212 episodes for a 2 day battle.

Come on na..

and those stupid flashbacks occur so much.
A nice battle can be occuring, next thing you know, it's flashbacks for the next 10 episodes.

Why would flashbacks be taking 10 episodes?
aren't flashbacks supposed to be short??
where's the flash there???


Some anime characters are very dumb.
Because why would you be telling the enemy your exact power and how it works before you fight.
Who taught you how to fight?

It sometimes reaches the level of the character telling his enemy his exact weakness.

And when the other person uses that against them and they're defeated they'll be shouting Nani! (means "what" in Japanese)

Nani kill you there.


This is not as annoying as the others, but it's still pretty frustrating.

You like someone, the person likes you back, there are obvious signs.

So you'd expect that the next thing would be to take it further fast.

But no,
Anime characters would draw it out like mad.

I don't think I've ever seen a romance anime where they just say they like each other.


It has to last like 4 seasons before anything happens.

And somehow there'll be a misunderstanding that would draw out the whole thing even further.

I understand that it's to make the show last, but at least make them less dumb.


Anime might have quite a number of faults,
but it's still the top 3 forms of entertainment.
Argue with your keyboard.

If you've been considering watching anime and this article is making you reconsider.

There are many beginner anime that you can enjoy.

Demon slayer, jujutsu kaisen, spy family, my hero academia...
And if you're not a well adjusted person, you can try Attack on Titan.

Check them out and enjoy pure entertainment.

And if you've already been watching anime,
what anime trope pisses you off the most?
let me know below.

Thank you for reading.

Stay buzzing,



Even though there was a time I watched anime, i will say I just suddenly lost interest in it not even been able to find out the reason. Even till now I am still trying to develop interest in it

You must go back and start watching again

You don't know what you're missing out on

What anime did you use to watch

There were a lot then. The likes of Cinderella, Micky mouse and many more

I was and still I am, among those people that took animes as children show.
Shey no be cartoon again? Lol

Some of them are interesting, especially the adventurous and horror ones

Shey no be cartoon again? Lol

No talk am outside
No talk am for street

Some of them are interesting, especially the adventurous and horror ones

You should really try attack on Titan
It might be more of your style

I see animes as cartoons. That mindset made me never picked interest even though people hype it just as you did. Maybe if I give it a chance, I might fall in love.

The flashback cracked my ribs.

When a hero is getting badly beaten by the villain, all he has to do is have a flashback of his friend that borrowed him pencil one time and boom, power boost.

😂😂. I guess that's why it's called anime. 😂😂

I think if you give it a chance, you'd be pleasantly surprised.

Sure it can be ridiculous sometimes but all forms of entertainment have their ridiculous parts.

It's part of the fun