Comic-con and arguing with 10yr olds about bigfoot

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Here's my recap of the MKE Paranormal Conference was fine (shrug). To my taste, there was an alarming lack of genuine crackpots, and it was busy to the point where I didn't have time to wander around to seek some out. Moved a lot of Arsenic Lullaby and mostly to younger people. Make of that what you will.

I did get interviewed by a couple of ten year old boys with a cryptid youtube channel.

The Cryptkowski Brothers

Actually it was a brief interview with a break in the middle of me arguing with ten year olds about bigfoot. Look...if it does exist, it's a big scary monster and you should stay TF away from it. I've said this before, if you are out in the woods and you see a bigfoot, shoot it. These things are allegedly 7-9 feet tall omnivors of at least monkey level intelligence. Don't try to take a picture, don't try to follow it, don't put down a candy bar and step back to see if it eats it. Shoot it until you are out of bullets and then reload and shoot it some more. THEN, take a picture or hair sample or whatever tf you want, after it is dead. And no one will have any right to cry at you for killing something no one believed in until you killed it.

And if you get any nonsense like "you murdered an animal of such a rare species that blah blah blah blah" you say "NO, I shot a f*cking monster. You're welcome". what I was TRYING to explain to these two lads, while they screeched at me about which subsection of bigfoot is dangerous and which ain't. You ever try to argue with two 10 year olds? I ain't easy. Soon as you make a point the other one comes back at you with another boilerplate interview question. Like...I'm trying to save your lives here, kid. You're glossing right over the notion that the "crypid" you go out looking for is actually a monster that will eat you both and pick it's teeth with your femur.

You know what? Whatever. If these two kids end up missing don't bother sifting through their dm's to see who they talked to. They will both in the woods, in the stomach of a yeti. Swishing around in there, one set of eyeballs looking at another set of eyeballs thinking back to my warning.

Don't feel sorry for them either. Here they are laughing...laughing at my warning..."ha ha ha ha, get a load of this old jerk."


The one...the one is even face palming. and that other is that look in his eyes? It's like...confusion, and also a hint of pity?

Ever get intellectually piled on by two 10 year olds? It's very disconcerting.

They contend that at some point they'll have their recap of the convention up on youtube with my interview included. Which I'm sure will have all my salient points edited out so that I juts look like some jerk arguing with a ten year old. But KNOW THIS...he started it. "Vietnam Rock Apes" tf does he know a north American Bigfoot has a different disposition than an Asian Bigfoot. Has he discussed it with them? no.

Anyways...I will be at Grand Rapids Comic-con Nov.11-13 and I'll have two discussion panels. Here's the rundown on them-

Nov 12 12:15pm
NFTart what, why, and should you care


An unlikely pioneer in the NFT field is one of the most traditional art based comic illustrators, Douglas Paszkiewicz (Mad Magazine, Arsenic Lullaby). If he can understand it, you can. In this panel he’ll explain what they are, how they are made, sold, traded. Their impact on art, their impact on comics, and go over the praise, the concerns, and criticisms of this new medium. Are they the new “pogs”? Are they good or bad for the environment? Are they good or bad for traditional art? This will be in laymen’s terms and questions and even skepticism are welcome.

Nov 13 10:45am
Secrets and techniques of comic book illustration


The difference between a bad comic book and a great comic book is more than just the art and story. Using your line to lead the eye, fool the reader, and create mood, it is using certain panel sizes for specific reasons. It is many subtle, simple but important techniques. In this panel Eisner Award nominated illustrator Douglas Paskiewicz shows you the secrets behind the magic. If you are hoping to break into the field, or just have a love for comics, this is a great panel to attend and learn the insider tricks that the pros use make a story that sucks in the readers and grabs hold of their imaginations.


As always, homebase is here


NFT work here-

Here are the other places to find use of them is fluid, inconstant, susceptible to the whims and shifts of the paradigm




It must be fun to be part of an interview conducted by 10 year olds, and especially if it involves topics that have to do with strange creatures roaming the cold woods. I've heard a lot about the legend of the "Bigfoot." A long time ago there was a TV show where a "bigfoot" lived with a traditional American family, it was very funny to see such a big humanoid with a gentle and tender character. An animal like that, that doesn't hurt anyone why shoot it?
Greetings @arseniclullaby

Debe ser divertido formar parte de una entrevista dirigida por niños de 10 años, y sobre todo si se trata de temas que tienen que ver con extrañas criaturas que rondan por el frío bosque. He escuchado mucho de la leyenda del “Pie Grande”. Hace tiempo se transmitía un programa de televisión en donde un “bigfoot” vivía con una familia tradicional americana, era muy divertido ver tan grandote humanoide con un carácter gentil y tierno. Un animal así, que no le hace daño a nadie ¿para qué dispararle?
Saludos @arseniclullaby

"why shoot it" because it is a big scary monster. Hairy from the TV show was a guy in a costume, who is only going to eat off of the catering cart, not eat actual people. A big foot out in the woods...who the hell knows what that thing might do.

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Thanks for the plug!!!

Arguing with kids is rarely productive. They have yet to learn actual logic.

If something as big as bigfoot was actually living in the US then someone would at least have found a dead one by now. There would need to be a few of them to be viable. I get that people want to believe in something mysterious. There are 'Nessie' hunters in Scotland still looking for a giant creature in a lake. I do think there are creatures yet to be discovered, but they are likely to be small.

Have fun with your events.

many adults also have yet to learn logic, I'd say. Yeah, I'm pretty skeptical of finding anything new, bigger than a coconut, unless it's in an ocean.