Cthulhu illustrations- Inking with a brush VS with pen

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As a gen-ewe- eyen professional comic book illustrator, technically whatever I do kinda falls under the umbrella of this groups interest, AND this might be of some interest to you if you draw comics or are interested in that.

When last we spoke I showed off the illustrations I did for a H.P. Lovecraft horror trading card set, and explained that the company who produced it Monsterwax also printed up black cards for us to put original art on to be hid in random sets. A very cool idea.

I got 24 blank cards to do and was able to keep 4 of them to do with as I pleased. THOSE cards I inked with a brush.

Which....is yet another idea that sounded like more fun in my head than when I actually did it.

Here's a link to to a vid of me using a regular technical pen

and on to a video of me using a brush...

and here's some side by side comparisons on the level of detail and expressive lines between using a brush or a pen.




oh...and just to really make myself miserable, I tried that one again with the backgrounds...


and that's that, I guess. Onto other things.


Oh yeah! These are all currently up for grabs at my online store

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Wow. It’s impressive (and I guess a bit counterintuitive) to me how much finer your brush lines are. Really shows your mastery. I’d reach for a brush to spot blacks or get thick to thin, but I’d probably pull off the detail better with a Micron. You seem to be just the opposite!

Details with a micron? oh dear...no. Microns are for drawing the panel boxes. You need to get used to a brush.

Weird, I went to YouTube (clicking the link while the video played) and it claims this video has zero views. I know I watched and assume others did here as well. Thinking they might not credit it if its embedded elsewhere. Laughed at one of the cartoons on your channel.

Uhh, I have an issue I'd like brought forward. It's about our new uniforms.


Haha, that's one of my favorite lines. The links are to non-public videos, so maybe that's why...I dunno for sure, but I'll keep an eye on that for the public ones I post. Thanks!

The classical music really added to the terror raining down on this unsuspecting populus.
Two out of two thumbs up!

Thanks, I picked the music myself XD

The brush does seem to give the better results, but I imagine it's more work. Did you make the gloves?

yeah, I just chopped the fingers off some clothe gloves from amazon, keep me from smudging up things as I go

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