Inking contest and Paranormal convention preview


First, a big thanks to Cincinnati Comic Expo, for having me as a guest, and all the people who came out to see me and all the new people who picked up books!

It was, much more fun than the last con I went to, the crowd was up beat and having fun. That...was good! Got a lot of new and young readers and that was good!

Oh, one thing at the Cincy convention which you, if you are part of the comic book industry, might want to make note something I did not see. I did not see people walking around with comic books. I pay attention to that. What are they buying, who's buying it. These are things that are good to be aware of. Used to be (as in like the last time I went to shows...two years ago) many people walking around had a bag full or arm full of books they got at the show. So...being at a comicon for three days and not seeing people with comic books...that seems worth noting. a trend that the industry would want to reverse. Unless they are happy with no one actually buying comics at a comic con except for Arsenic Lullaby.

meh..."it'll be fine." They'll get it together. They'll stop drama farming and go back to talking about what comics are good and why, before it's too late. They'll take a smart pile and realize that moving units based on us vs them culture is not going to keep an entire medium relevant...that getting boomers and gen X to pay to complete their collections is not a long term strategy. All that money is gonna stop coming in once this paradigm shift settles. Ah...they know that...nothing to worry about.

On an unrelated note, I'll be at a paranormal convention this weekend. Because...what the hell?

paracon long.jpg

First off, Arsenic Lullaby does very well at horror conventions, this might not be that far removed...maybe? Maybe not? When it comes right down to it all I need out of a convention is for it to have people who are weird and/or jaded and can read.

I have no idea what to expect. No clue how many people will be there, what kind of people, or if I will sell even one single issue. My hope is...that the thing is full of crackpots. That is my "hope"? I can't really call that a goal. I guess I'll say that in order for it, in my mind, to have been a will have been full of crackpots.

The list of panels is promising...especially this


I actually have heard of this thing before. Short story is some Veteran in the 60's was hunting and allegedly shot a bigfoot, then froze said bigfoot in a block of as to parade it from town to town at state fairs charging .50 to look at it or something like that. "step right up folks and see a dead bigfoot in a block of ice!"

Then at some point he was going to take his tour into Canada and at the boarder the customs people said "'s a dead body in here? That you shot". that point he stopped saying it was an actual dead big foot and saying it was a facsimile of the big foot he shot.

...who the hell knows, the guys dead now, BUT...this guy says he personally examined it and that he is a scientist, or something.

"His talk will convince you that at least up until the 1960s homo sapiens were not the only species of genus homo alive on our planet. Terry hopes to bring his story to anthropologists and primatologists and to clear up the prevalent misinformation about this case."


This is gonna be awesome. There's some kind of psychic defense class or something too. I can't wait to see this crowd.

I am guessing...that my table will be in between some middle aged white woman selling crystals and dream catchers who for a fee will cleanse you aura, and some guy in a suit jacket and t-shirt with his printed on demand book about being followed by the CIA after getting plugged in the butt by aliens. Basically it's gonna be me in the middle of these two, is my guess


That is what I am's the romantic in me. That's what I pictured in my mind when first hearing about this show....and that's why I signed up.

And if it is actually full of reasonable people who are just interested in the paranormal, and the guy on my left actually starts making sense to me, and/or the woman waves a crystal at me and I actually do feel weekend will be ruined.

NOW to show of the inking from a commission I just finished because it is, what is referred to on Instagram as "inktober". Where artists and aspiring artists post pics of there inked work. Which is an idea I approve of.

COMBERdone gray 900.jpg

There is one wrinkle to the "inktober" need something to ink.

To serve that purpose you can go to the A.L. website and download blue lined illustrations of mine to ink, as part of a "contest". I say "contest" because this is pretty nitch, unlike the coloring contest so...basically everyone's probably going to get some kind of prize, a comic or original art or something good like that.

One difference this year can ink it digitally if you like. What the hell, right? Let's see what kind of charm, if any, you can do with digital lines. ( can't just magic wand the lines and turn them black, you have to actually use some digital tool to ink over me I will know the difference)

There are three different levels of difficulty, so pick whichever you're comfortable with...



this one's a sample of mid range-


and a sample of "expert" level


Here's the first brave soul to give it a try


Pretty darn good! you can see more of his work here ->

That's pretty much all for now...I'll let you know how the Paranormal con goes.


As always, homebase is here


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Here are the other places to find use of them is fluid, inconstant, susceptible to the whims and shifts of the paradigm




I need to get to a comic convention some time. I don't think there are that many around here, but probably some in London. I'm building my comic book collection gradually. I just have such a backlog of stuff to read.

I don't think I have a steady enough hand for inking. I have tried a bit of drawing before that was not too terrible, but I have muscle/nerve issues with my right hand that don't help matters. It's a good thing I rarely have to write anything these days.