With Great Knowledge comes Great Responsibility..

With Great Knowledge comes Great Responsibility.. Queen Marlena, He-Mans mother is from earth and this is why He-Man knows of Superman in “From eternia with death"


That's new to me. I've seen a few fun cross-overs in comics. Someone has to decide how powerful the characters really are.




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DC has done some neat things with He-Man, but what really caught my eye was the price tag. 60 cents!

@wwwiebe to think of all the treasures we would have if we could take a walk into a 1950’s comic shop right now. Probably clear the place out.

OMG! And all it'd take is $10. I've begun to almost dread going into the comic store lately because of the goodies I might find. "Just go get your preorder and leave," I keep telling myself.

I often fail.

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