Hi all, been a while since I posted anything. Have still been around, upvoting with my measly HP and leaving some comments here and there. Could give the usual excuse, been super busy, but really I've just lost all focus. Managing to keep up with work and life stuff but that is about all. 😅

Thought I'd try to get back into posting though so why not start with some Comic Book and Heroclix talk! I have not played Heroclix in years but I still have a small collection of favorites. I think the game is extremely deep and fun. Deceptively so. There is a ton of strategy involved.


I think if someone could make a good digital version and get the license to make it an NFT game it would be a great property to do it with. Collectible virtual figures. Very strategic game. Somewhat well established.

Collecting always comes hand in hand with Comic Book related stuff of course so have to get my favorites whether I use them or not. My favorite is probably this White Lantern Flash.


Even though I never used him much in game, The Flash is probably one of my favorite DC characters and I really enjoyed all the Brightest Day Blackest Night stuff. So I just had to get this one. It is probably also one of the most expensive clix I ever bought.

Well... think I'll keep it somewhat short. Was just looking at the old Heroclix and thought it would be a cool post. Any one else ever play the game?


!LUV the clixs. Did you buy all of these or did you acquire a collection???

I played a lot for a while. I collected them over a few years when I was playing. Had a much larger collection at one point but sold most of them. Now I just have a few teams and enough stuff to play if I ever feel up to it. Plus some of my favorites just to keep.

Miss playing sometimes. I stopped playing card games like MTG for Herclix. It was more fun to me. But now I don't play much of any of them. 😅

I agree I stopped MTG for Heroclix and other table tops.

Nice to see other people here on Hive that enjoy table top gaming


I am now following you.

Awesome! Do you play Heroclix currently? I check it out every now and then to see what is new but haven't played in a while.

Nope mostly just collect.

Actually I have been big into Comic Slabs lately.

I only have one slab. Not a big fan of graded comics. Though I do wish there were better options for loose comic protection that was up to the standard of slabs instead of just bags and boards.

I never was either but I am doing it for covers I love.

More like a piece of art then a book.

We still run tournaments for Clix in the shop as there are still a few loyal diehards that play. We used to have like 15 players but these days, we are lucky if 5 show up. 😞

The shop I played at used to get about 5 or 6 until the event with the infinity gauntlet. Got up to 15-20 for that stuff. It died down toward the end and I stopped shortly after that. Not sure how well they do now. Awesome that there are still dedicated few though. Maybe it will pick back up.

We used to have a couple of heavy hitters that would purchase a few cases and tear into em before the game. Was a super exciting time for the game in our shop. Fun times.

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