Nerd By Northwest #203 – “Breakin’ 2: Druid Boogaloo”

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The druid gets no respect... no respect, I tell ya...

Nerd By Northwest #203 – “Breakin’ 2: Druid Boogaloo”
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This one's dedicated to all the clerics, druids, and other healer and support classes out there in D&D land. Just because you're not flinging the big-ass damage spells like the wizards, chopping off orc heads by the dozen like the warriors, or delivering the finishing backstab on the big boss like the rogues doesn't mean you're any less valuable than they are. So I say it's time for the support classes to get some respect!

Except for bards. Seriously... who needs those over-rated, singing jerks anyway? 😉

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Respect to the healers! Without them the heroes would have short careers.

As a sort of bard I resemble your last remark! ;)

Yeah, trash-talking on the bards is a time-honored D&D tradition. I find the bards of D&D 5th edition to be more interesting than the previous editions, yet still... who am "I" to defy tradition? 😉