Nerd By Northwest #336 – “First Impressions”

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Ash's first attempt as a trophy date hits a snag...

Nerd By Northwest #336 – “First Impressions”
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Ah, the 'Alaska Man' image... I never fail to find amusement in how much the reality falls short of that particular trope. Not that there isn't some truth in it, rather it's just that only a minority of us really live up to it. I guess we're better than most at dealing with snowy conditions and we go camping & fishing more often than most, but apart from that most of us aren't much different from your average American city dweller. I've chopped wood before, sure, but let's face it if I need firewood I'm going to call a nice guy with a truck to deliver me some! Split my own firewood? Screw that, I've got crypto markets to watch and video games to play! 😁

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I expect people who get rough winters are better prepared, but they may not be able to skin a bear. The media can influence your views. I now think a typical Canadian is like Scott Pilgrim :)

I've cleaned and gutted fish, but never skinned a bear or any game mammal. I've chopped and split wood before, but never built a cabin. I've hiked & camped remote mountain trails, but never lived out in the remote wilderness.
Like more than half of the men from Alaska, I 'dabble' at being an "Alaska Man" without coming close to fully realizing that potential... 😉

I've done plenty of camping, but not much in the wild. I've got some basic skills, but I wonder how I'd do if I had to live off the land. In the UK you tend to never be too far from 'civilisation', so we mostly get by without such skills.