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Obviously, kids will want to play on a dead whale in the parking lot.

I did not actually call any companies to get a price check on removing a whale carcass from a strip mall. But I think $50,000 sounds like a pretty good ballpark figure. I suppose you could go cheap and just have a tow truck drag the thing to the dump, leaving bits of whale all along the roads. I can't help but think there may be some fines associated with that method.

Also, I don't think that a few weeks of decomposition will actually put that much of a dent in the mass of the whale. I came across a decomposing gray whale carcass while I was in Long Beach, Washington and I thought that after the sea gulls and the crabs went to work on it, that it would be significantly reduced after just a few weeks. I mean, gulls and crabs are tenacious!

Then someone told me that the carcass had actually washed up the previous year.

A couple factors to consider is that it is pretty darn cold in the area for most of the year, so that might slow down how fast it decays. Also, the entire body was buried under sand by the tides for a portion of that year. But, c'mon... crabs AND gulls? Get off your lazy butts and devour that whale!

Java Jaguar is a webcomic based on the true story of a talking jaguar cub found in a coffee shop. Yes, I said based on the true story. Java Jaguar is produced by the nomadic cartoonist, Matt S. Law, on his mobile art studio consisting of Clip Studio Paint Pro on a Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

To read Java Jaguar from the beginning, start HERE.

Created in Clip Studio Paint Pro on a Surface Pro 4. Here is the time lapse video:


I was actually just reading about this issue. They can be difficult and expensive to dispose of. There is also a risk of explosion!


Why doesn't Voldemort have glasses?
Nobody nose.

Credit: mimismartypants
@sidekickmatt, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of steevc



I told him he needed to start making whale steaks when he dragged it here in the first place.

The cat gave its owner a nice option of letting the whale’s body decompose for lesser fees
Nice one!

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