Kickman 26x09

Counterintelligence 09

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Whew! Got this one finished and published just 7 hours or so behind schedule. Today I am packing and moving again, leaving Larkspur and heading towards Vallejo. Cheri and I will be car camping for two nights until our next pet sit starts, so if anyone has any recommendations for things to see in the Bay Area I am all ears.

Oh. Also, big time tragedy. Looks like for the first time since the Justice Rangers were mostly killed off, death has occurred in the pages of Kickman. We've lost some Kick Boys, so let's have a moment of silence for out deft-footed militia.



Ok, back to whatever you were doing. Especially if you are reading this on your work computer.

KICKMAN, LLC is a weekly webcomic written, penciled, inked, colored, lettered, and produced by Matt S. Law. Matt lives in a van, traveling the United States as a full-time pet-sitter with his girlfriend, Cheri. His mobile art studio consists of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Clip Studio Paint Pro.

To read Kickman from the beginning click HERE

Here is a timelapse video of this week's comic strip:


I hear they cleaned up the streets of SF for visiting Xi da Pooh. So, go see the cleaned up streets. Once in a life time chance.

Hey, I feel for those guys. Losing anyone is hard.


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