Kickman 26x10

Counterintelligence 10

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Doppelganger password!

Search for secret doors!

Attempt to disbelieve illusions!

You can never be too careful. So, yes, every once in a while team kick tries to embarrass a possibly-existing invisible enemy so that they can detect him/her with Blush's power. One day they will hit gold with that tactic.

Until then, you can call them paranoid if you want.

Next: Rooting out the mole.

KICKMAN, LLC is a weekly webcomic written, penciled, inked, colored, lettered, and produced by Matt S. Law. Matt lives in a van, traveling the United States as a full-time pet-sitter with his girlfriend, Cheri. His mobile art studio consists of a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and Clip Studio Paint Pro.

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Here is a timelapse video of this week's comic strip:


Attempt to disbelieve illusions!

You forgot to look up. The perfectly white, which perfectly matches the plaster finish in this dungeon, giant slime drops onto your party. Roll for initiative.

That’s a great episode
Seems like they all are panicking or something

That’s a great episode
Seems like they all are panicking or something

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