I can upvote and comment! Yay!

Only thing is getting an error message when I click wallet

That's great to hear; you guys do solid curation. :-) Very happy the fork was a success and appreciative of all the behind-the-scenes work!

Bienvenido señor, esperamos su estancia aquí sea maravillosa, nuestra mas cordial recepción.

Hi @pharesim :) Can you check out discord? Left you a dm regarding hive-python.

Welcome! :)

Hi @pharesim, welcome and Hive on!

Awesome! 👏😇

Good news! Welcome to Hive :D

Cool, I will delegate to @curangel once I get my stake back.

Supi, willkomen curangel! HIVE ON

Hello @pharesim.
As a passive investor I would like to support @curangel further but unfortunately I did not receive an airdrop.
I probably chose the "wrong" proxy, I can't explain it otherwise. Unfortunately nobody has asked me about it.
Is there a way to get the airdrop still?

Damn, that's unfortunate. Steemchiller was a valuable member to the community through his contribution of Steemworld. Unfortunately he got a bit salty that he didn't receive the amount of funding he hoped for and decided to vote on sockpuppets. I assume there's several users who trusted his judgement and face this situation now.

Keep your eyes open for announcements about this, the funds have been moved to the SPS/HPS and you will be able to post an appeal to get your portion dropped at a later point. Details about this process haven't been published yet, but it shouldn't take too long until something becomes available. I'll delegate the portion you had as SP remaining on your account, until a decision about that has been made, so you can at least continue to use the chain as before.

Thank you for your quick response and the generous delegation. I will keep my eyes open!

Welcome to hive phareism

Great to see @curangel here. 💕 Hive on!